Friday, May 4, 2012

A Package at the Door

Look what the UPS man brungeth!

I don’t remember if I shared or not that the girl has two stories in another Chicken Soup title, but if I didn’t, I’m sharing that piece of news today. I had forgotten all about it until the boxes arrived. No matter how big or small the publication, I'm always grateful to God for His favor, and for blessing me with the gift of writing, and allowing me to share my words with others over the last 25 years. I never take it lightly, nor for granted.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life! will be released on May 29th and contains 101 inspirational stories about the ups and downs of marriage, a subject I know quite a lot about, after 31 years with The Man.

And guess what? You can read both of my contributions right here on my blog. One of the stories was taken directly from a blog post (The Day I Ran Away from Home); the other was in the newspaper first, then shared in a blog post (It Took Teamwork to Build It).

So, bloggers everywhere take note: If you want to be a published writer, why not start with a Chicken Soup title? I’ll cheer you on from here, and that’s a promise.

Two stories in a book = two boxes of books = a book giveaway at some future date. Stay tuned!



  1. Very wonderful and very exciting! I love your gift of writing :)

  2. Good morning! How perfectly wonderful! I LOVE the way you write...congratulations! Have a good week-end...HUGS

  3. Oh - Yey! Congrats, Dayle! We are flooded with weddings at our church recently and what a great gift this would be! My own little girl may be a Mrs. by the end of the year!! I'll look forward to your give away - was so blessed when I won the last time - the book came when I truly needed some of the encouragement it brought - and now, with wedding season - and my hubs and I wanting to do some devotional marriage reading together . . . great timing!


  4. Oh what a blessing indeed, I can't wait to read it all. You are so talented. Congrats big time. Hugs, Marty

  5. Congratulations! What an honor. You did good- very, very good! xo Diana

  6. Oh Dayle, that's WONDERFUL news. WOW WOW WOW I have submitted some to Chicken Soup books and am waiting to see what (if anything) happens. Congratulations, Dayle. That was great news. Susan

  7. Did your heart just do a little dance when you spotted the boxes? I'll definitely be looking for this at our local library ... seems I've become addicted to Chicken Soup!

  8. Exciting!
    These series of books are wonderful, easy to read and heart warming.

  9. Congrats to you, Dayle! Every summer when I would return to the States, I would make sure to pick up the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul. I love reading inspiring stories, especially short ones that can be read a few at a time. Just read through many of your past posts -- I've had the blahs for about a week now, for many reasons -- trying to snap myself out of it, so enjoyed reading your post about the blogging blahs. Your Sugarplum sure is cute, especially with those fancy little flip flops. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend, Tammy

  10. I will have two of your books pieces in my collection, then. It will come out too late to hint for a Mother's Day gift so I'll have to buy this one myself too. Wouldn't that make a wonderful wedding shower gift for a new couple?

    I happen to remember and love the story about the day you ran away from home.

    Not to be daft, but... do you have a site or info about the way to be considered? My style is a bit rambling and fragmented, but you never know. A girl can dream...

    1. Debbie, you are exactly what they're looking for at Chicken Soup. They love, love humor. The following link will not appear as a hyperlink, but you can cut and paste it into your browser. This is a current list of upcoming titles, with descriptions and deadlines. At the bottom is a link for submitting your story. If you click on that, there are guidelines available. When you're ready, you simply submit your story right there online. Couldn't be easier. All the best, my friend. I have no doubt you'll succeed.

  11. And no. You had not yakked about this yet. I know because I stalk you and I would remember.

  12. It must be thrilling to have your work published, Dayle. (I just read your 2 links and enjoyed both.)

  13. No surprises here.
    You are a wonderful writer.

  14. Dayle,
    Loved your stories...who hasn't felt like running away? We share another book! Write on. I am cocreating an antholgy for a former CS editor. Please check my blog for info on the Not Your Mother's Books and please submit. Pass the word, please?

  15. Congratulations! This must be so exciting for you.

  16. Dayle, that's what I LOVE about you! You edify, you acknowledge and you encourage. What a wonderful you!

    And I'm so excited for you! Wow! Will look forward to adding more Chicken Soup to my library! I'm still blessed by the book you sent me earlier... You're a doll!

    Hugs from Kelley Highway

    P.S. Go, Debbie, go! Yak away! I BELIEVE IN YOU, TOO!

  17. Hi Dayle,
    What a wonderful suprise.....More of your lovely stories published.
    Congratulations. You are an inspiring person.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia


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