Friday, September 7, 2012

The Remains of the Garden

Even though it’s been hotter than a firecracker since April around here, each day finds me lingering a spell in my tiny garden. Some days, it’s precisely two minutes, as that’s all the heat-tolerance I can muster for the day.

But gardens require something out of us, in order to thrive, so I have no complaints going out and feeding my sweet plants, pruning as needed, making sure I’m doing all I know to do to keep them alive and well. Sometimes they don’t make it, even if we do all of the right things. However, if they do make it, they always give me back way more than I ever give to them.

Here’s a look at the things that have hung in there, still bringing me pleasure with their colors and sheer tenacity.
I took a walk on the wild side last week and planted a couple new things. They were on a big sale (70% off), and I couldn’t resist.

This is called Pride of Barbados. The colors are just magnificent, aren't they?

I planted this beauty, called an esperanza plant, next to the garage, and plan to go pick up a couple more next week, Lord willing. They're a floppy sort of plant, and produce fabulous yellow bell blooms.

My plumbago is in constant bloom.
I have to keep it trimmed back or it takes over.

The lantana blooms in cycles, and is still going strong.

And look! I have four new buds on my rose bush! 

This is my first year to try roses, and I’ve been pleased, so far.

Well, another week is in the history books. I don’t know how September snuck up on me, but we were two days in before I realized what had happened. When it dawned on me that we were no longer living in August, I looked at The Man and said, “Did you know it was September 2nd already? He gave me his familiar my-dear-wife-sometimes-you’re-simply-irresistible look.

It does seem that the last few years have flown by lickety-split. I can’t explain it, except to say that the older we get, the more we realize how short life truly is. I’m trying to squeeze every ounce of goodness out of it that I possibly can.

Until next time, dear friends, here’s wishing you cooler days and starry nights.

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  1. Your garden looks absolutely lovely - pretty enough to brave the heat to enjoy it.

  2. The garden is just lovely. I can see why you brave the heat to keep it up. Time does whip doesn't it? I feel the same way. Like I need to squeeze every ounce out of it. Enjoy your week-end!

  3. Awwwww Dayle. Cool days and starring nights sure sound good to me. Today was actually HOTTER THAN BLAZES. I was thinking, "Hey. This is September. Retreat sun. Beat it. Get lost." Whew!

    Your flowers are divine. That Pride of Barbados is GORGEOUS. All of your flowers look beautiful. GREAT JOB! Take care, Dayle. Susan

  4. Your garden still looks beautiful and I love the new plants that you got. With the super hot days that we've had this year it is taking a lot of work and watering just to keep the plants alive. We hit 104 yesterday.
    Oh, and I so agree about time passing by so quick, very hard to believe that we are indeed in September. Where oh where has the year gone??

  5. These images are STUNNING, Dayle! ...
    You've captured some of my favorite colors, and even provoked a smile with your sweet wishes.

  6. I truly cannot believe how fast the summer flew by! Your garden is so pretty... I love all the colors.


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