Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sugar Plum Happenings ~ Visiting Big Nana and Big Papa

It's been awhile since I've blogged about sugar plum (my adorable grand-niece). I could blog every single day about that girl, but I manage to practice restraint. Life is about balance and you know what they say (whoever "they" are): Variety is the spice of life. So I try to keep it balanced here. However, today's post is all about sugar plum.
Tuesday of last week, The Man and I drove over to my parents, specifically, so they could visit with sugar plum. My mom's been in physical therapy twice a week with back issues, and they'd missed seeing their great-grandbaby, so, with her parents' permission, sugar plum was ours for the day.
It was one of those enchanting days, filled with sunshine and laughter.

I love this look of unbridled joy.
She and Uncle Stan had a big old time playing chase in the yard. That girl ran and ran and ran.
Resting in the swing with Big Nana was a favorite activity.
As you can see, her little face was all flushed from her marathon.
Back inside the house, there was a flurry of activity.
"Here ya go, Big Nana," she said, while handing over Big Papa's empty coffee cup.

 Playing with money and buttons suited her just fine.
Big Papa was a good sport being a temporary button keeper.

Uncle Stan helped her count her money.
He's especially good at that. (wink, wink)
And if anyone can teach her a thing or two about playing Dominoes, it's Big Nana.
In time, the sleepy bug bit and a nap was in order.
Upstairs, I laid down with her and scratched her back while she was going to sleep. Right before she dropped off, she looked at me and said, "All my heart to pieces, Aunt Dayle." I thought I was going to start bawling, right then and there.
This little saying is something we share often with each other. Before she could hardly talk, whenever I would see her, I would tell her, "Aunt Dayle loves you with all her heart," or, "Aunt Dayle loves you to pieces!" She now tells me the same things and when she does, it feels that my heart might burst wide open.
After napping, we ate a bite of supper, then it was time to go.

Perhaps my favorite photo of the day is this one. My sugar plum with her bag slung over her shoulder like a big girl, waving goodbye to Big Nana and Big Papa.
I don't know how much love one heart can hold, but my heart is certainly filled with love for my sugar plum. These are the special times.

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  1. So precious! So, so precious!!! You need to forever preserve her sweet words, not just in your heart but written and framed... "All my heart to pieces, Dayle Aunt.

  2. Oh Dayle- That made me all tear up. She is SO beautiful. I have had that same relationship with our little SweetCheeks...often feeling like my heart would burst with love. Enjoy every single moment of that "little" girlhood- xo Diana

  3. What a sweetie! Her parents are so wise to 'share ' her with her extended family. I loved her words to you as she dropped off to sleep.

  4. What a sweet post... she is adorable! Every time my girls tell me they love me it just melts my heart. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Sweet to see different generations enjoying each others company. She's making memories. I remember my great aunts from when I was teeny tiny.

  6. She may be your grandniece, but you are describing a Nana's love perfectly. :)

  7. What a wonderful day. I can not wait until I am a great aunt. I keep telling the newlywed niece that I know I'm a great aunt so I think I deserve the official title.

    I do understand that love. I think there is nothing in the whole world like it, too. She is precious. The pink bag and shoes are adorable.

  8. Oh Dayle, that was a darling post. Your sugarplum is definitely a sweetie pie. So innocent and filled with sweetness. Isn't it amazing how a little one can fill so many hearts with pure, unadulterated love? Thanks for sharing. Heart to pieces, dear Dayle! Susan

  9. What a blessing your Sugar Plum has brought to the family!
    ... as well as her fans here in Bloggyville! I mean, who can help but smile when you see that sweet face!

  10. You had me smiling at "All my heart to pieces". So lovely! Kit

  11. Sugar Plum is a perfect name for her.

    And . . . by the way your mom's skirt is stylin!


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