Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rosy Revival Has A New Home ~ Come Look

Life has been off kilter since Thanksgiving. I’m sure that’s why I’ve not mentioned that Rosy Revival moved into a new home in November—a bigger, more spacious place to sell all of those lovely things they sell.

If you’re ever in Old Town Spring, please stop by and check them out … and I’d love you to go “Like” them on Facebook. They’d love it, too. :) Rosy Revival is located at 26504 Preston Avenue (Old Town Spring), Spring, Texas.

In no particular order, here are some pics from my visit today, and a couple I snagged from their Facebook page. Enjoy the view!

I'm in love with this magnificent vintage desk! 
If only I had a place for it.

I think I'd like to live here.

That corner table is simply spectacular, 
as are the stacking tables!

They have a variety of amazing candles. 
I'm burning my "white pear" fragrance right now and it's filling up the whole house. Intoxicating!

It's such a cute place. I love the color scheme.

That little curio cabinet is to die for. 
Pic doesn't do it justice.

There was a matching table and chairs for this gorgeous hutch, but they've sold since this pic was taken (snagged from Facebook).

My favorite thing today was wearing polka-dots.


Hope you enjoyed the tour. 

Rosy Revival is a dealer for CeCe Caldwell's chalk and clay paint. They can ship anything in the store. Call them at 832-458-2400, or message them on Facebook for pricing and shipping details.



  1. Oh such a great store! I loved the tour. Just what I wanted to do today, shop from my couch. :) Kit

  2. Looks like a pretty store to potter away some time, I do like shops with pretty thing in them but like you I no longer have the room to put things.

  3. What a fun store- Wish I lived close enough to visit- xo Diana

  4. Hahaha... LOVE the nesting tables... and... and... and... *sigh* And you're right: Little cutie-patootie is in pokie dots!

    HaPpY hApPy!

  5. Beautiful vignettes in that store. I wish I could see it in person. And the polka dot wearer is the cutest thing there. ;)

  6. LOVED the tour! So glad they are doing well and have a lovely new place. Susan


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