Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sugar Plum Turns Two

I've not been blessed with a grandchild, so I can't say how it feels to be a grandmother, but as some of you know, I have one grand-niece that I adore.

I call her sugar plum.
Sugar plum turns two on Thursday. It seems utterly impossible.

Words can't describe the love I feel for her, or the joy she has brought into my life. I take one look at her and I can't stop smiling.

For her birthday, I put together a video, showing some of our days together since her birth. As the song goes, "these are the special times." Yes, they surely are.

My prayer is that sugar plum and I share many more special times together in the coming years.



  1. What a wonderful idea! The video is soo precious! Happy birthday to your sweet Sugar Plum!

  2. Happy birthday soon to doll baby Sugar Plum. I remember some of those images. You're a good auntie, Aunt Dayle!

    ... Prayers for Dad and Mom, dear. *hugs*

  3. Happy Birthday to a real sweetie!
    Dayle, you must never stop channeling your inner Grandmother!

  4. What a doll! Same for me ~ no grand babies but two aDORable nephews that fill that space in my heart. Happy Birthday Sugar Plum!

  5. Happy Birthday Sugar Plum! That was so sweet, Dayle. I loved seeing her grow up before my very eyes. (I'm glad you included the umbrella one. That was my favorite shot. I remember when you posted it.)

  6. Hi Dayle,
    Lots of hugs being sent to Sugar Plum for her second birthday.The video is a lovely idea,Dayle....I'm sure you had fun putting it together...Happy Birthday ...Gorgeous Girl.
    My great grandson,Max turned two on Thursday 6th dec.
    Hard to believe how quickly they grow up.
    Have a good day
    Barb from Australia


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