Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Update on Diana

I blogged about Diana here, and wanted to give an update to all of you who have asked about her.

A brief backstory. After a liver transplant two years ago, Diana’s body was showing signs of rejection. Eventually, not only did her liver fail, but her kidneys failed. She was on dialysis 24-hours every day for many weeks.

The doctors had all but given up on her recovery, or survival. After a time of being taken off the liver transplant list, she was put back on the liver transplant list, as well as the kidney transplant list, but finding the “perfect” pair would be a miracle, and even if they were found in time the chances of her surviving a double-transplant were not high. Her body kept finding ways to present obstacles.

But Diana’s family is a family of faith. They believe in miracles, and they have many friends who believe, as well. And they never gave up on Diana.

At this writing, Diana is still in the hospital (where she’s been for the last three months), and is not out of the woods yet, BUT, she has a new liver and new kidneys, and, as of last week, she is well enough to be out of ICU and in her own room. We stand amazed at God’s provision.

Don’t let anyone tell you that God is out of the miracle-working business. That’s not to say we always get the miracle we want, but sometimes, we do. Wherever the road leads from here, God knows the end from the beginning and if you trust Him, you have to trust His timing. The Bible says His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts.

Thanks to those of you who prayed for Diana, and if you think about it, please continue praying for her complete recovery, should such be God’s will.



  1. Oh Dayle, may God continue to bless Diana with life. I hope she will be able to be with her little one again and have a quality life for many years. God help her, please. I will definitely pray for her. Susan

  2. Beautiful story of God's mercy and healing power--yes prayers that Diana will amaze everyone and live a long happy life with her precious daughter.

  3. I sure do enjoy an encouraging post but this is a blessing and encouraging. We all can appreciate the difficulties that Diana, her family and friends have been through. Prayers? you bet!
    Lifting up everyone.

  4. Praying for her (she has the same name after all). I do believe in miracles and see them all the time- xo Diana

  5. Good news on your friend, Diana. Will continue to keep her in my prayers.


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