Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Art of Waiting ~ A Closer Look

As Daddy sits in the same recliner, for hours on end every day, waiting for and hoping for the healing of his pieced-together-with-metal-plates-and-screws ankle, I think about this thing called waiting.

My father has never been a patient person. He’d rather arrive an hour early than be ten minutes late. He enjoys being outdoors, doing and going. Before his fall in November, he had already walked 303 miles in 2012, and that is only counting his time at the walking track. Every year, he wears his walking shoes plumb out, and clocks the mileage of each pair faithfully. You’d never guess he is 85.

Being suddenly forced off his feet and off his schedule presents challenges for him, that is clear. But he is handling them well. I am really proud—maybe a bit surprised—by the attitude he displays on even the longest of days. He has accepted that which he cannot change. At various times, I pass by him napping in the recliner, or reading his Bible, or the newspaper, or staring off into space. How I wish I could wave a magic wand and his ability to walk would return, but I can’t. And so, together, we wait.

As I see it, the ability to wait, without grumbling, is the crowning of maturity. Those who insist on having everything now often end up with nothing later. 

We could all learn a lesson from the farmer: He tills. He plants. He waters. Then, he waits. The farmer knows that, in time, his patience will bring a harvest of good things to his table, providing strength and sustenance for the days ahead. I think it’s remarkable to consider that farmers feed the world. They grow everything from grain and rice, to vegetables, fruits, and nuts. But none of these things come to us without the practice of patience. 

Good things can come to those who learn to wait.

“Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” James 1:3-4



  1. true... Oh that we may learn this:)

  2. Yesterday Pastor Mark Parker of Oklahoma City preached here on Guam. His message "God Is Great" talked of God asking of us to do the simple and He will do the great. He told Peter to go somewhere and "wait." When it was God's perfect time, He poured out His Spirit on everyone there who had waited, who had obeyed.

    Daddy obeys and he waits. This post is a beautiful picture of not only a patient obedient to his physician, but of a servant obedient to God. As Daddy waits, God performs the miraculous healing of a shattered ankle. Man has performed what he could with screws and metal. Only God can do the rest.

    An obedient Daddy once again teaches us the beauty of patient(ly) waiting. From his recliner, we glean much mileage from this godly man.

    Thank you, Daddy.

    Thank you, Dayle.

    Hafa adai from Guam,

  3. Hello Dayle...Your father is, indeed, a patient man and a very special person. I'm sure this time of waiting is made more bearable by your being there! What a wonderful daughter you are. I hope he has a total recovery. Susan

  4. Dear man, your dad. Hope his recovery is hastened. What a loving family he has by his side as he continues on patiently.


  5. Your respect and love for your dad just penetrates through and through.
    You both are blessed.

  6. I hope he is up and about soon. Sending my prayers. :) Kit

  7. Hi Dayle! I appreciate this post so much!! My dad is a farmer...I watch him season after season ready the fields and prepare for different crops. His work is never done! ~ I often pray for more patience. I feel it's definitely an area I struggle with. Thanks for your words and reflections! I hope your dad recovers well! Have a blessed day :)

  8. "Those who insist on having everything now often end up with nothing later."

    I loved that part so much, and sadly, it is so true. I also loved your expression crowning of maturity. Well put.

    I really do pray that your father's example of patience brings a huge harvest of blessing and that he has ahead more mileage than even those of us who believe in wonders can ask or imagine.

  9. We have, just had the saddest of waits. But,it was so worth it to be with our dear Mum as she passed peacefully away last week. I hope your dad soon returns to the best of health and adds a few miles to those totals. Wonderful

  10. Amen. Praying complete healing comes swiftly to him.


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