Monday, February 18, 2013

On Houses and Happiness ~ Monday Musings

Whenever I have time, I enjoy cruising around the World-Wide Web, specifically blogland. It’s amazing to see all of the talent. The creativity. The houses.

Many of the homes I see are grand and opulent and gorgeous to look upon. Everything sparkles and is placed just so, yet it isn't unusual to discover that a certain pair of lamps (yes, those that appear spot-on to me) will soon be replaced with a pair even more spot-on, and the already gorgeous chandelier in the foyer is getting an overhaul of fabulous proportions.

As I sigh over carefully staged photos, I often wonder if those in charge of maintaining such loveliness ever take time to kick off their shoes and sit a spell, read a book, savor a cup of coffee on the patio, play with their children or grandchildren, take a nap on the sofa. Most of all, I wonder if the people who dwell there are truly happy. I certainly hope so.

Sadly, that isn’t always the case. All you have to do is look at the number of divorces and suicides and substance addictions that are frequently associated with those who live lush lifestyles and you can see that money and expensive things can’t bring happiness. What a sad existence it would be, living in a lavish home, but restless and discontent, unable to appreciate its beauty.

I’ve never lived in a magnificent house. I don’t have costly furnishings. And a white glove inspection would bring disastrous results on any given day. But it's my home, and I'm truly happy and content. 

As I lit the candles and switched on the lamps the other evening, I stepped back and considered the words of Aaron Rose: "In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." I'd say that goes for homes, as well, wouldn't you?

Speaking of home, after a few wonderful days at home, The Man and I are headed back to my parents’ place for another few days. (We’re hoping to work out a routine to where we’re there a few and home a few.) Daddy anxiously awaits his three-month follow-up appointment, a week from now. We pray his recovery is on track, with no complications. Thank you for joining in prayer with us.

Until next time, sweet friends, it's such a pleasure having you stop by and keep me company. You’re always welcome here.



  1. Wise and well chosen words.
    I have often wondered if staged homes were holding some secret.

    Praying for your for your family. Three months, a short time but on the other hand, a very long, long time. You have endured this season with grace and given so much love. I love reading how you and the Man give of your time.
    (Sometimes that's all we can or need to give.)

  2. My parents are here for a few weeks and I am so privileged to spend time with them and give my dad some respite.
    I often look at the decorating blogs too, but they are like candy, and after a bit they make my mind's 'teeth hurt'.

  3. Lovely home, Dayle. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Cluttered and used as it is, our home is home and that makes it gorgeous in our eyes.
    Praying for your daddy's appointment and healing.

  4. I have had such similar thoughts as I have looked at some of these homes...I feel soo much like you do. Never had big and fancy, but I'd take homey and comfy ANY time. Yours always looks lovely btw. : ) I think it sounds like you've got a good routine there going, soo glad you are in the position to do it that way! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hugs to you, the man and your sweet parents.

  6. It certainly looks extraordinary to me!

    We didn't have much growing up, and now I feel I live in this lavish house, comparatively. I'm always surprised when I'm reminded in one way or the other that others don't consider it lavish. It certainly feels lavish to me!

  7. You have a beautiful home......enjoy your parents.....have a blessed week.

  8. I love that shot of your home, so lovely! My hubby and I were watching Extreme Homes last night. Some of the homes were outstanding. Some silly. So many cold and unwelcoming. After the show, I gazed about my little abode and felt quite happy and content. I love my space. :) Kit

  9. Oh my dear Dayle, you couldn't have voiced my own opinion any better. A house is a house and a home is a home. Both very different.

    It's true that it's the people IN the house that make it extra special. It's the love given, the good times celebrated, the sorrowful times shared and so on.

    We have never had much money. Ever, ever, ever. My house is a testament to thrift store and estate sale shopping and I love it.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope your trip back to your parents' is good. You will never, ever regret these precious days with them.

    Take good care. Susan

  10. This is a wonderful post...well said:) Hope your dad gets good news.


  11. I live in a lived in house , no finerly , but I do have what I call "home sweet home " and everything those manisons have,~~shelter~~
    Praying your dad gets a great report !

  12. I think your home is warm, cozy and just perfect. I agree completely with your thoughts.

  13. I so enjoy these photos of your home, bathed in the soft amber glow ... what a welcoming environment you've created!
    Thinking GOOD thoughts for your daddy's results! (... and praying, just the same!)

  14. Love this. To me the value of my home is the love and happiness shared within. Prayers for you and your family continue with love and hugs!

  15. Amen to this whole post. Our house is far from magazine (or frankly even blog) worthy my the world's standards, but it is my home, not my house. I love that quote about the right light.

    And I will be praying in advance of the check up that the doctor sees the incredible healing hands of the greatest physician all over your dad.

  16. I always enjoy seeing photos of your home ~ everything looks warm and welcoming. And I've never thought living in a perfect, museum-style house would be any fun. I like my home neat and put together, but it's lived in.

  17. I'm with you, I want to be able to relax in my home. Yours is so homey and comfortable.

  18. We were definitely thinking along the same lines this week. Homey and comfortable works for me.

  19. I read Laura's post the other day, and now yours, is the tide turning...I certainly hope so. The standards that the shelter bloggers are raising are so very high...perfection on a budget. It seems that it's no longer good enough to live in our homes, and create the occasional item for our own pleasure...but it has to be changed constantly, styled, and staged for immediate photography...

    Personally I like to live my life in a simple, and quiet way, savoring the beauty of what surrounds me, and relaxing knowing that I have enough with what I have now.

    You have given us food for thought, a beautiful quote, and a sense of peace in a blogging world that can sometimes be overwhelming.

    If it's OK with you, I would like to use your quote on my chalkboard in my kitchen for this weeks inspiration as I cook....


    1. I totally agree, Jen. It seems nothing is good "as is," but must be improved over and over. I used to host a party called, "Simple Pleasures." That's how I live and the life I enjoy.

      Certainly you may use that quote. It isn't mine, but belongs to the person noted, Aaron Rose.

  20. Beautiful post! Pray your dad gets a good report!

  21. Glad I found your blog and look forward to following. May God take care of your Dad during his recovery. Amen


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