Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Something Old, Something New

A few months ago, I drove to one of my favorite little shops in Old Town Spring—Rosy Revival (surprise, surprise!) and fell in love with a two-drawer end-table. 

The owners (my sweet niece and her sweet husband) had painted the piece, using a layering technique, with Santa Fe Turquoise and Cinco Bayou Moss (colors from their line-up of CeCe Caldwell's chalk paints). The results were magical. 

I’d been looking for something for a particular corner since re-doing (kinda/sorta) my dining room walls back in 2010. I also wanted something that would give me extra storage and this sweet piece fit the bill (and green of any shade happens to be my favorite color), so I purchased it, carried it home, and hoped it wouldn’t clash with the green on my walls.

Once home, I was thrilled when it looked fairly perfect (at least from my untrained eye) and I set out to try and pull the corner together with décor that matches my love for vintage pieces mixed with new ones.

In a matter of a few weeks, I’d found everything I needed to create this little space, and I’m fairly in love with it.

Here’s a breakdown of what, where, and how much:

  • Painted two-drawer end-table, Rosy Revival, $49.99
  • Lamp (isn’t it cute?) – Hobby Lobby, 50% off sale, $15.00
  • Plate hanger – Hobby Lobby, $9.99
  • Texas plate – Antique mall – 75% off sale, $5.00
  • Vintage metal scale – Antique mall - $24.95
  • Wooden cheese box – Antique mall - $6.95
  • Crewel embroidery piece – Found in closet, done by yours truly, circa 1980's
  • Single shutter – Rosy Revival, $12.99
  • Six “depression glass” green saucers – Antique mall, 40% off sale, $11.00
  • Colonial cups/saucers – Taken from dining hutch, purchased long ago

Total cost: $135.87

Finding a piece of furniture that serves two purposes is, in my humble opinion, a home-run every time. Score!

Until next time, sweet friends, thanks for keeping me company.


Partying with the following:


  1. Totally a score, and it's so pretty. You did a great job of pulling it all together.


  2. Love the vignette you created with it! It also looks like a great little storage piece:)

  3. It's a winner on many levels!
    Congratulations on the new Chicken Soup - and thank you for your kind note on my blog. Life has a habit of rearing up and when that happens one has to scale back here and there. Things are returning to normal, so I should be back to writing and reading again soon!

  4. Oh, darling scene, Dayle. Just darling. LOVE the plate holder. Oh, that's very pretty. And the shutter is such a nice addition, too. Wow, you really pulled it all together. Great job! Susan

  5. That corner looks great, Dayle. Green is my favorite color, too, and I would have arm wrestled you for that piece. I love the layering of color on it. The green is about the color of my dining room- xo Diana

  6. Oh I love it... You are so good at putting things together and creating warmth and beauty!

  7. You did good! Such a sweet spot for your goodies...and storage too, big score!!!

  8. I really like it. The crewel work is beautiful. I almost threw away some of my old cross stitch years ago. I stopped myself and put it in a box. I'm so glad I kept it. Not that I'm displaying it now, but maybe one day...

  9. ....ummmm... I was on the verge of sending a comment / question about the picture.... I wanted to know where you got it ... Beautiful..... BUT.... YOU CREATED IT????!!! GORGEOUS!!!!! You pulled it all together perfectly!!!!:)

  10. My favorite thing is the vintage scale with the cups on it. Very clever and pretty. I need to keep my eye out for an old scale :)
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  11. It all looks great and comes together so well..
    Love the depression glass.. my fave glassware..

  12. Very nice purchases to make a charming vignette.

  13. Dayle,
    Score, indeed!!!
    I love it when function and beauty come together in one nice package!!!
    I was even more thrilled to see you're storing glassware inside!!!
    Fabulous choice of green, dear one!!!

  14. Don't you love it when it all comes together, it looks great. Beautiful end table and lovely vignette!

  15. I love the sweet scale sitting on the little table.

  16. When they say, it's all about the details, they aren't kidding.
    Look at all the elements that went into to this charming but simple piece.
    It has grace.

  17. That's a sweet green cabinet. Makes a great grounding for your vignette. Love the different elements you put together.

  18. Oh, how beautiful! I love the little vignette you've created, with each piece contributing to the charming whole. Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Inspiration, Dayle! xoxo

  19. Sure does look fairly perfect :) You did a great job gathering sweet items and bringing them all together in this useful and lovely vignette.

  20. Well it's lovely Dayle, and I love that shop too!! I think every corner needs something unqiue and you have so many cool and eye-catching pieces here.

  21. Lovely vignette,'ve selected some sweet items!


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