Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Week in Review ~ Scenes from a Blessed Life

Last Sunday, The Man and I drove to Deer Park High School (about an hour away) and got to hear our great-nephew sing with his high school concert choir, and also perform a solo. It was part of the Hello Texas program and Sunday’s concert was all Gospel music. Brenden did a great job singing, “Ten Thousand Reasons.” He comes from a long line of singers and made us really proud.

Monday was my dear daddy's follow-up appointment with his surgeon. The Man and I drove over to be with him and my mom. Praise the Lord for a great report! Daddy is healing well. He is still in a lot of pain, whenever he walks, but the doctor encouraged him to keep pushing himself to do what he feels he can do, and to rest whenever he needs to rest. It's still hard watching him struggle, knowing how he walked a mile, or more, every day before his accident. I am believing that he will be back out on the track one of these days. In the meantime, we thank God for bringing him so far from those dark days in November.

I was told (actually, I saw it on Facebook) that Wednesday was National Sibling Day. Not one to miss an opportunity to celebrate my sisters, I posted this photo on Facebook of the three of us on my wedding day. My sisters have stood by me in sunshine and rain, and big 80's hair. It was Isadora James who said, "A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." So true. I can't imagine a world without my two sisters.

On Thursday, my amazing mom celebrated another birthday. All of my life, she has loved me unconditionally. She encourages me to do right, and doesn't judge me whenever I do wrong. She was, and is, a mighty rock in the shifting sands of time. Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful mother.

Friday was a fun day filled with Play-Doh and fishing. The fact that the fish were plastic didn't hinder our enthusiasm. Sugar plum and her Unctan (as she calls her Uncle Stan) were way too cute casting and reeling 'em in.

Today, my sweet niece (sugar plum’s mom) and I roamed neighborhoods seeking bargains at yard sales, as well as hitting a charming antique shop before calling it a day. I was mostly along for the ride, although I ended up purchasing a small milk-green bowl at the antique shop. Shelaine landed some mighty fine bargains, including this very old desk shown above, for a shockingly low price. (Pardon me, but I am strangely contorted in the photo; I was attempting to scrunch down to get me and sugar plum in the picture. I need to remember not to do that again.)

As you may know, Shelaine and her husband own Rosy Revival in Old Town Spring, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the desk. It has great bones but needs some cosmetic work. 

That'll do it for now. Here’s wishing all of my blogging peeps a beautiful Sunday. Thank you so much for keeping me company. You’re always welcome to hang out here.



  1. Lovely sum up of a lovely week!
    Have a very blessed Sunday!

  2. What a lovely week you had! All of the photos in this post are wonderful. The ones from the past as well as the most recent ~ capturing special memories!

  3. Dear Dayle...What a wonderful post. So much going on! Lovely desk, too. And sweet pea? Adorable. Got a kick out of the plastic fishies! Thanks so much for sharing. Susan

  4. You have such a loving and close family. That is such a treasure.

  5. I loved seeing your wedding photo! And that desk is fabulous!

  6. So glad your daddy received a good report. Sugar plum is so sweet with her Unctan. Beautiful sisters.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful week you've had. So glad to hear that your daddy is doing better and received a good report. Have a beautiful Sunday!

  8. Family is so important, and to know it while you still have them is a blessing.

    You've had a busy week, love that desk.

    Thanks for giving the ocean a hug for me.


  9. Such a sweet post and I love your family photos, especially in the long dresses~ So glad your dad is doing well and Happy Birthday mom!

  10. What a heartwarming share! (Can you see me smile?)
    Soooo glad to hear of your dad's progress ... echoing your praises to Him.

    PS - Love the red cowgirl boots :)

  11. A week full of family, what could be better?
    I hope this next week is a lovely and fun as last week.

    So glad to hear that your Dad is doing fine. I still have him on my prayer list.

  12. Hello
    It is a very nice family;) ;);)
    Kizuna is a family treasure.
    From Japan.
    Ryoma Sakamoto.

  13. So glad Dad's doing better. Looks like a week of blessings to me!
    Leslie (gwen moss)

  14. Dayle,
    Such a sweet and loving post-so endearing to see you with your family and celebrating the beauty of life.

  15. I am so glad to read of your dad's good report! Actually, as I read it I became very convicted. Every step he takes is painful, yet he takes them anyway. I'm trying to "step" forward myself. If he can do it, so can I.

  16. What a wonderful post..I am glad that your dad is doing so much better.

    You and your look so much alike it is amazing and that was a beautiful picture but you DID crack me up in regards to the Big Hair remark.

    One can certainly see where you girls got your looks ...your mom is just lovely THEN AND NOW

    As to that little sweetie oh she is just adorable!! I wonder if we could make arrangements for her and my grandson to meet up and marry 20 yrs from now ? Just let me know! :)


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