Friday, May 24, 2013

A Full Heart, A Full Moon

Our time at the seashore is coming to an end. The days have been filled with quiet conversations and the warmth of May’s sunshine.

Not a day goes by that I don’t stop and offer thanks to God—the One who makes life possible—for His unmerited favor to me. There are no guarantees that tomorrow won’t bring heartache and trouble, because life can be that way. But no matter what tomorrow might bring, I don’t let that keep me from being happy today. To live in fear of losing what you have—whether it’s your health, a lifestyle, a person, a position—is to wither a little each day, and that’s no way to live. Jesus said, "In this life, you will have trouble." But fearing the trouble that might come tomorrow doesn’t keep trouble from coming; it only makes today untenable.

Last night, just before dinner, The Man and I took a stroll along the white, sandy beaches of Perdido Key. To the west, the sun was setting; to the east, a full moon rising. And ahead, time and space stretched out like welcoming arms.

As the moon rose steadily over the Gulf, I snapped not one, not two, but two dozen pictures of one of my favorite sights in the world. And as I stared in awe at the wonder of it all, this thought swept through me: Whatever you’re facing in life, if your trust is in the Lord—the Lord who made heaven and earth—you’re in good hands, dear friend. You're in good hands. 

I just felt like sharing that wonderful truth. Sometimes I need reminding. Maybe you do, too.

Until next time, kindred spirits, may your weekend be filled with all the things that make you happy.



  1. How beautiful it is. I love being at the shore. Something about the sound. Were you in your gorgeous home away from home? I am dying to get a weekend out in our trailer.

    1. Yes, Elaine, we are in Cloud 9, our home away from home, almost a month away now; I'm homesick. There is something about the sounds of the ocean that refreshes. I hope you are able to get out in your RV soon.

  2. This is one of the post that I will refer back to.
    I KNOW, as I sit here contentedly, as storm will come. This is a valuable post turn to.

    Safe travels and thank you, again!

  3. Hi Dear Dayle....Loved your encouraging message.

    As a matter of fact, my daily reading today was similar.The title of the chapter was GOD WILL TURN IT TO GOOD.

    It's so wonderful to know we are safe and protected in His arms, no matter what. So glad you had special time with the Man. These are precious moments.

    Safe trip home. Susan

  4. As usual, your post was wonderful. Be careful as y'all travel. Love you.

  5. Any day at the beach is a good day. Loved your inspiring words today. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Gorgeous photos, Dayle. Thank you for the important reminder that we are indeed in good hands with the Lord. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. How just lovely!! What wonderful pictures and thoughts!

  8. Thank you. The moon is beautiful shining on the front yard tonight. Reminds me of my smallness and His greatness.

  9. Dayle,

    Your post brought tears to my eyes as I read your encouraging message. I feel the closest to God when I am at the shore as well...there is nothing else to compare in my humble opinion. I often wonder how the folks who don't believe in Him get by from day to day and my heart aches for them. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

  10. Seems you had a wonderful journey and you arrived home safe and sound!
    It can be so very humbling to stand at the water's edge, looking up to the skys and ponder what God has blessed us with!! My most favorite place is in the winter on St. Augustine Beach with no one in sight- just me and GOD!! Makes you feel like those grains of sand below your feet!! God Bless!

  11. I so, so needed to read this, Dayle. What you said about living in fear and withering a bit each day is so Real. My DH is struggling right now with the fear and the "what-if's" ... anger, even.
    But(!), we're going to keep on keepin' on ... and I'm going to ask him to read this post and just believe!

  12. We may have passed on the beach! I was on vacation in Navarre, Panama City and Pensicola.


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