Monday, May 27, 2013

Back to the Best Place on Earth ~ Home

The travelers are home safe and sound. There's no place on earth I'd rather be. 

Much needs to be done, on every front—outdoors, indoors, the unloading, the rearranging, the cleaning, not to mention the refreshing of my new adventure at the antique mall, which brings me to say I was happy to check my sales every night while on the road, and each time a sale was recorded, I let out a little whoop. I didn't take a photo, but my little CRV (lovingly called Goldilocks) was packed to the gills on the way home, bearing "new" treasures for my little booth, and now I have to price it all.

So, as you can see, I'm going to be a busy girl this week, Lord willing and the creeks don't rise. I may be scarce in blogland, but it's all good, and we have flowers in the kitchen. My blue plumbago was a mess when we got home, as was/is the rest of the yard, so I had to do some harsh pruning. The results—beauty in the window!

Until next time, dear friends, here's wishing you a blessed Memorial Day, and may we never forget what it means to us all.



  1. Hi Dayle, long time no see. I'm so glad you stopped by today. Welcome home! Glad to hear you had a nice vacation in Florida :)

  2. Ohhhh, that's so good you are both home safe and sound, dear Dayle. God bless you and just do things leisurely. I'm so excited for your antique booth. Please let me know how it goes cuz that is something I've wanted to do for a long, long time! Susan

  3. Dayle, what a fun "adventure" you are having! I went back and read all about it. (Thanks for sharing the link!) I'm so happy you did decide to give it a try. It's like submitting our don't know until you try!
    Congrats and I know your booth will do fabulously!

  4. It sounds like your booth has been busy while you've been away - well done!

  5. I agree - there's no place like home. There's also nothing like getting away for a few days. lol Glad y'all made it home safely.

    Love the flowers!

  6. I am glad you are home safe and sound even if there is lots to do. I need to read a bit further and catch up on what you have been up to. Blessings- I am glad to be able to visit you again! xo Diana


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