Friday, May 10, 2013

Postcards from the Road ~ Wild Gifts

Before we left home, I promised myself that this trip would find me paying close attention to the small and ordinary things, because, as we all know, they are the big things.

I like to believe that I notice the small gifts that every day offers—but days can get away from you, and by sundown, you realize you’ve spent most of your time and energy focused on the frivolous and unimportant.

I said all that to say this. The last two nights have found Cloud Nine parked in a lovely camping spot in Auburn, Alabama. 

Outside our door, a patchy slope shows off purple and yellow wildflowers, while a fence runs around the property in a steady white line. 

Normally, we wouldn’t stay two nights in a place that wasn’t on our radar, so to speak, but The Man hasn’t felt well, so we were thankful to find a nice place to settle into for a couple days.

This morning, I left to run a few errands—post office, drug store, that sort of thing—and when I returned, I stopped to take a photo of the wildflowers out front, admiring their unruly beauty.

Intent on cutting a few stems to take inside, I stepped in the RV to grab a pair of scissors, and that’s when my eye caught sight of something on the counter.

The Man—my ailing, wonderful man—had beat me to it. There, in front of the kitchen window, sat a cup overflowing with purple and yellow abundance. Simple, ordinary wildflowers—my gift of the day.

Until next time, sweet friends, seek out the simple, ordinary gifts in your day, and thanks for keeping me company here, and for sharing this journey with me. It means a lot.



  1. Sweet, thoughtful guy! Hope he feels better soon. (check my recent post to preserve the beauty of this small, ordinary gift)

  2. Awwww, Dayle. What a lovely gesture. And he wasn't even feeling well. Dayle, I sure hope he feels better soon. It's true the little things in life bring great joy to our hearts (and souls.) Pleasant travels and godspeed. Susan

  3. Hoping hubby feels better soon. Do you pull a car behind you for when you want to get out without the RV?

  4. Now how sweet was that? Hope he is feeling well soon and you are enjoying your time away. Happy mother's day to you!

  5. Oh how I love that man of yours! Clearly, you are two peas in a pod.

    I might just have to cram into that pod too because those are the exact two wildflowers that I have been enchanted by this year. I picked some myself and put them in the house.

    (I think the purple ones might have made me itchy. I blamed them anyway, but I displayed them nonetheless.)

    Do you know what the purple ones are called?

    1. Debbie, I don't know what those are called. My daughter is always getting itchy from flowers, too. She has terrible allergies.

  6. Such a sweet gesture proving he know you, oh, so well. Hope he's better soon.

  7. What a sweet reminder! I'm embarrassed to admit ... but I'm sometimes surprised to see our (resort) guests stopping to gaze and take photos of vistas I all too often take for granted.
    Auburn, AL? One of my FAV spots ever (War Eagle!)
    Hope your hubby is feeling MUCH better today!

  8. You sure do have a way of making me stop and think.
    So, for today I will stop and seek the simple but wonderful.

    Sometimes it takes someone else to show us the gifts, just like The Man did for you.

  9. The bouquet is beautiful and created with love by your Man.

  10. What a sweet hubby you have that he knows what you like almost before you do! Hope he's feeling better and you're having a great trip.


  11. What beautiful flowers! Life to the full! Melissa


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