Monday, August 5, 2013

A Slice of Americana Charm

My niece, Leslie, recently had some photos taken of her and her sweet, sweet baby, my precious pie, Audrey. The photographer, Megan Ella Photography captured something really special and I found myself a bit speechless and close to tears as I reviewed them, starting with the one above. Check out pie's darling big toe, if you will.

You may feel differently, and that's perfectly okay, but when it comes to babies, I happen to think there's nothing more adorable than a baby wearing simple clothes, or just a diaper. Tiny babies need no enhancement, as far as I'm concerned.

And when it comes to photography, I am also drawn to simple, pure, honest, and real shots, and I appreciate photographers who don't rely on props or costumes, but take a natural setting and showcase its beauty, just as it is.

I think what I find so compelling about these photos is how they capture private moments, as if the photographer wasn't even there. Nobody's posing, and you almost feel as if you're peeking around the corner at a mother and her baby and the world in which they live. It's like a slice of pure Americana charm.

I'd like to invite you over to my niece's blog to see more of these wonderful photographs. I introduced Leslie as a blogger a good while back, but she's now using a different format and blog name, so if you haven't been in awhile, I'd be honored if you'd go over and introduce yourself, even follow along on Audrey's Adventures, if you're so inclined. You can tell her Aunt Dayle sent you.

Until next time, sweet friends, thanks for keeping me company.


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  1. Dayle, I agree about the photos. Love the shoes. xoxo,Susie

  2. Couldn't agree the photos! Enjoy your day...popping over to your nieces now...

  3. The photos are just as you described them. I loved each one. Audrey is just beautiful.

  4. Hi Dayle! Your little one is so cute! And those shoes! What an interesting shot. "Composition" is what they all it, right?

    And how lovely of you to encourage your niece. I'll be right over to see her blog.

    Happy Monday!

  5. You know Nonni agrees with every word. :-) Thanks, Auntie Dayle.

  6. Such a sweet capture of precious moments.

  7. Beautiful shots - so poignant, somehow.
    Our son and his family will be here in two weeks, and (surely!) our daughter's baby will have arrived by that time so that we will all be under one roof. I've booked a photographer that we know well and can't wait for the day of the shoot.

  8. Oh Dayle, what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL baby. I can see where your heart is overflowing with love.

    The photos are darling. I'll check out the blog for sure. Susan

  9. Adorable and Precious photos!!!!!
    Mary Alice

  10. Oh Dayle, I agree! Gorgeous photos, simply gorgeous! Heading over for a visit...
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!

  11. Dayle- What charming photos. I love them and will head over for a visit- xo Diana

  12. I am struck by how much she has grown and developed a personality already! To me, she really favors your other great niece. I don't know if that's the case IRL.

    I agree with what you said about both the clothes and the photography. I am not a big prop fan. I love these. They are wonderful. Going to nosy Nell my way to the blog to see more, too.

  13. Oh my, this is priceless indeed, Gayle. I agree with everything from babies looking perfect just as they are, to the beauty of REAL photography that does not need propping or fussing. It all whispers my favorite to my ears.
    I saw your beautiful face at Leslie's today (Goodbye House, Hello Home) and I thought I was seeing things. I didn't think you were blogging anymore.
    I must come back with a cup of coffee and catch up soon. I've missed you.
    Enjoy every bit of precious pie, love.

    1. Meant Dayle. Does this happen to you as much as Marsha happens to me? :)

    2. Oh, yes, it happens quite often. :) Great to see you!

  14. these are such adorable photos and I have bookmarked Leslie's blog so that I can drop by when I get a free moment. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. These photos are so incredibly beautiful. I love the non-posing! And yes I agree, I love photos of babies in their perfect form. :) One of my favorite of my oldest girl is her sitting in the kitchen sink getting her bath. So perfect! Kit

  16. Just lovely.
    Megan Ella is one talented photographer . . .

  17. These are just adorable. I agree totally, babies are perfect without enhancements!

  18. Beautiful photos. I know what you mean about babies adorable bodies. Our new grandson doesn't need clothes either, just a diaper.

  19. Lovely photos and subjects, pure and simple.


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