Friday, August 30, 2013

Irritants can be blessings in disguise ~ Words for the Weekend

Life's little irritations—dresser drawers ajar, sticky dishes in the sink, chocolate syrup on the kitchen counter—are but blessings in disguise. 

They are precious signs of life. 
Signs that those dearest to my heart are still with me. 

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

Psalm 90:12  NIV

In August, 1999, I wrote a column for the Dallas Morning News about a particular day when my daughter was 13. It was a day of revelation, so to speak, a day I will never forget. I've summarized it above, but for anyone who may have the time, the full text is below.

Until next time, dear kindred spirits, may your long weekend be filled with happy sounds.

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  1. What a wonderful article you had published there, Dayle. I think that is the story of every Mom and every 13 year old girl...and oh, to enjoy a few of those "moments" all over again. My two daughter (1 year apart in age-I know..I know) shared a room until they were mid teens. One daughter was super neat-the other super messy. Neat daughter took a piece of tape and divided the room exactly in half. At night she would kick anything that was on HER side to the other side. Guess what? They grew up, got married and Neato is now NOT SO NEAT and the SLOB is Miz Neatness herself. lol
    Have a great Holiday weekend. xo Diana

  2. That was my two DAUGHTER(S) not daughter-lest you think they were

  3. My mama used to complain about how messy the bed was every morning when a widow told her to be glad she had a husband to mess up the bed. It changed her perspective immediately.

  4. What a beautiful article, Dayle. I have had many of those same thoughts through the years...most of us have. Thank you for this sweet reminder to always count our blessings :)

  5. Oh Dayle, what a wonderful story. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the reality check and making me remember to count my blessings.

  6. I loved the article Dayle. Today my 13 yr. old's closet looks like it exploded and I too can feel irritated why she doesn't clean it. But your words hit home.....I totally adore her and her mess, her way of a sign of life. Thanks for this. It really touched me

  7. I loved your column, Dayle. Wish every young mother who is overwhelmed with childcare could read it. Love, Susan

  8. Gosh, but I needed to read this, Dayle! I've no messy children at home, but a (sometimes) forgetful hubby, whose random, sticky "leftovers" needle the heck out of me.
    Perspective ... loved it.

  9. What a wonder post and article, sure makes me change my attitude about all the mess I have before me this weekend. Thank you Dayle! :)

  10. Wonderful reminder for me this weekend....Thank you!

  11. Hi Dayle! I am hosting my brother, his son and some extended family this weekend. I love this post! (And so happy for your publication too)

    Let me tell you, life is all around here :) and I love that too.

    Happy Holiday Weekend!

  12. That's such a good reminder. Life is messy, and when it is, life is good!

  13. Wonderful post and so true. Life is crazy when we are young moms and then when it's over and the kids move on .. we miss it.

    I am happy to clean up. I am happy I'm ABLE to clean up. When my girlfriends with children at home complain, I say ~ well soon you will have LOTS of time to clean.

    Life is good when things are messy:)


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