Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life in the Slow Lane

Dear kindred spirits, even retired folks get worn down occasionallymentally, physically, emotionally. We are human, after all, and whenever I feel myself leaning too far one way, I make a conscious effort to shift gears, do a little soul-searching, and spend time just idling. I haven't always done this, but I've discovered that if I ignore the symptoms of overdrive, I can get a little cray-cray, if you know what I mean. So, this is what I do now, and it seems to be working.

Here's how my week in the slow lane has looked so far:

I've gone against the grain and kept my scrapbooking paraphernalia spread far and wide on the dining room table. It makes a mess, but I enjoy the freedom of working whenever the spirit moves me. I'm thrilled to report that we're now up to December 2012, and I should have it knocked out by the weekend. Just when I start to feel giddy about my progress, I remember I'm still nine months behind. (Help me, Rhonda!) Slowly but surely, that's the pace that gets it done.

Life in the slow lane allows me to spend time doing important things, like watching adorable videos of my grandnieces. Here's my sweet pie (a big three-months old now!), doing a little "talking" for her mommy. The Man agrees with me that, right there at the end, she totally says, "Bye-bye." You can make your own decision, of course, but we feel confident about it.

The slow lane, gives me time for oohing and aahing over heartwarming photos, like this one of my precious sugar plum and her daddy. Her daddy is an amazing drummer and he was sharing his space with his baby girl. Does this picture make your heart swell, or is it just me? I mean, seriously. So many tender details in this one, it's enough to make a grown woman cry.

Life in the slow lane doesn't mean you must shy away from going out to dinner with loved ones, as long as it's a place where you can hear yourself think, where the food is so divine you can't resist closing your eyes a few bites in. 

The psalmist David wrote, "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." I find the mid-week service to be a calming source after a chaotic day. It was Anne Morrow Lindbergh who called the church a "great centering force for men and women, more needed than ever before." She wrote that in 1955. Imagine how much more it's needed today.

Yep, that's a photo of some tall trees, a blue sky, and wispy white clouds, shot directly from the backyard hammock. Life in the slow lane most surely includes time outdoors, admiring the many gifts that nature offers those who stop and notice. It's impossible to lay on your back in a hammock, even for five minutes, and not feel better afterwards. If you don't have a hammock, a blanket on the ground will do just fine. There's something healing about sprawling out and looking up. I can't explain it.

And, last but certainly not least, life in the slow lane can be dangerous. Lemon lovers, prepare to swoon.

Until next time, dear kindred spirits, if you haven't already, I trust you'll spend some time in the slow lane soon, be it a day, an hour, or just a handful of minutes. Slowing down, even for a brief spell, can refresh the weariest of souls.



  1. I share your life of retirement. It took awhile but at this moment I am contented with the beauty of a simple life filled with more pleasure than I ever imagined. Not perfect, but oh so good.

  2. Lovely, soothing post and I definitely think bye-bye was said at the end of the little video.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Glad you are finding a respite - you give such wonderful advice, thank's a calming thing just to visit your wonderful blog.


  4. I'm at the beach, my happy place, where my soul is soothed, my spirit refreshed. I really needed this week by the ocean - God's timing was perfect when He guided us to choose to make plans to travel this week. It will be hard to leave on Monday, but I will do so refreshed and ready to return to my everyday life.

  5. Beautiful post, Dayle. Loved it.

    Oh, sweet pie? What a little doll baby. Oh, she tugs at the heart, doesn't she?

    Pretty smart for a three-month old. Sure sounded like "bye bye" to me!

    Thanks for sharing. The whole post was so right on! Susan

  6. The Slow Lane, the is a perfect way of describing a beautiful week.

    I can't tell you how fun it was to watch and listen to the video of your sweet grandniece.
    She loves to talk!
    I loved hearing your Southern accent!

    1. Christine, that was my niece (pie's mommy), on the video, but I tell you that girl sounds just like me and her mother. :) Southern to the bone.

  7. Glad you're able to slow down and soak in some goodness while the world goes by.

  8. This is just what I need to do. Why is it that I have had such a hard time "just slowing down sometimes"? Like somehow I MUST always be busy? I too have started just leaving all my sewing paraphernalia just laying out on the kitchen table near my sewing cabinet. I sew until the mood passes, and sooo much easier than dragging it all in and out. It REALLY went against my grain, but this has worked soo well for me! How I love to listen to a baby coo. Soo sweet. She really IS a talker, haha. Haven't laid on a hammock in years, but honestly that sounds soo good right now. Your post just relaxed me, haha!

  9. aww... I feel more relaxed just enjoying your post. Lots of sweetness here!

  10. I need to get into the slow lane, Dayle. I really do- even on vacation I have felt "rushed". Not good. Love coming here-you are so filled with the spirit of love and blessings. xo Diana

  11. I totally agree, we all need some down time on a regular basis to recharge ourselves. Glad to see that you had some.

  12. You write so beautifully! I've been in the slow lane lately but for a different reason. I need to do a jillion things...just don't have the oomph.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Such a comforting post, Dayle!
    "Pie's" video is absolutely adorable ... those eyes, oh my!


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