Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Costume Made Easy

When my daughter was growing up, we didn’t do the whole Halloween thing, for a number of reasons. But we did participate in costume parties at the church, which were called Hallelujah parties. The kids played games and had hayrides and were treated with snacks and candy. Fun times.

I’m not a true seamstress, but I have made a dress or two or three, and I usually enjoyed putting together a costume for the Hallelujah parties. This was one of my favorites; the theme for the younger children was “animals.”

I started with an XL white sweatshirt, cut the sleeves out, then trimmed it with lace. Using some pink fleece, I sewed them onto the sleeves and shaped them into the shape of rabbit ears.

Using an old straw hat, I cut out the crown and attached the “ears.” A face-painting kit, and a bunch of carrots completed the costume. Simple and cheap. The cutest bunny rabbit I ever saw.

Until next time, sweet friends, hop along.



  1. That's my kind of costume!
    Homemade anything, is the BEST!

    She looks so cute!!

  2. That is so sweet ~ You did a wonderful job.


  3. So boys always more home made costumes when the were little. Those were the days :)


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