Friday, November 15, 2013

Scenes from a Blessed Life ~ Savoring the Days

As the days turn into weeks, in what seems to be nanoseconds, I find myself just trying to hold on and not get thrown off this wild and crazy ride called life.

I’ve been deep in a project this week (which, for now, shall remain nameless). Let’s just say, it’s required my full attention and I’ve reached places where I wondered if I’d bitten off a little more than … well … you know what I mean. I’ll give you a hint. It starts with P and rhymes with ain’t. There may well be lovers and haters and some in-betweens, but there’s no turning back now.

I decided to take a break and look back at some of the highlights from the last couple of weeks. If you don’t want to behold cute babies, and sweet old people, you’d better click on out of here.

First, on a sad note, two weeks ago, my brother-in-law laid his sweet and godly mother to rest, at least until that last trumpet sounds. While it was a somber occasion, it also reminded me of heaven’s treasures. It was the Apostle Paul who said that whenever we say our earthly goodbyes to a loved one who believed in Jesus Christ, we don’t weep as those who have no hope, but we know, in our hearts, that a day of reuniting will come. He went on to say, “Comfort one another with these words,” and what comforting words they are.

My dear parents have been friends with my brother-in-law’s parents for decades, and they drove over to attend the service. Afterwards, I was able to get a couple of photos of them with big sis and her daughter and granddaughter (my little sugar plum). Even in the midst of sorrow, there can still be smiles.

After the funeral, The Man and I grabbed a bite of lunch with my parents, along with sugar plum and her mom. I left with not only a full stomach, but a full heart.

The following day, I met my beautiful daughter for lunch. I took a photo of this building for a reason. When I first married, in 1980, this is where I worked for a group of geophysicists and geologists. My daughter now works just around the corner, which made me feel as if I'd come full circle.

Last Friday, I took on a challenge in the name of love. Although my niece (pie’s mommy) paid me well for my time, it was still done in the name of love. 

What did I do, you ask? I went to my niece's apartment and kept both pie and Charlie girl (the sweet fur baby) while their mommy enjoyed a little weekend getaway with her BFF girlfriend.

It was joy and exhaustion rolled up into one amazing package. I loved every minute of it. There's nothing more special than waking up to hear the cooing sounds of a baby. Pie's little personality is developing in the sweetest of ways, and she's discovered how to squeal. I do believe she will sing soprano.

Fast-forward to today. I called my mom and dad and when Daddy answered, I said, “What are you doing?” He laughed and said, “Baby, I’m sitting in this chair watching your mother quilt.” 

I smiled, picturing them there in their familiar places. And what he said next settled around me like showers of blessings. He said, “I went to the track earlier and walked a half-mile, then I went back this afternoon and walked another half-mile.” He said, “I’m trying to split it up like that now.”

If you weren’t around this time last year (it’ll be a year ago next week since Daddy's accident), then you can’t know what that simple statement meant to me, and to all of our family and friends. The Lord has brought us so far, and my heart overflows with thanksgiving. (If you’d like to read a bit of history, you can click on this blog post from last November.)

After we said goodbye, I thought of the psalmist’s words: “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits.”

He daily loads us with benefits, for which I am most grateful.

Until next time, dear blogging friends, in the words of the little song, "Count your many blessings; see what God has done."



  1. Oh, my heavenly blessings! This was so full, I don't know how much more I can stand... Mm-mm good blessings!

    Happy weekend,

  2. An abundance of blessings! Beautiful post.

  3. Thank you for sharing your blessings! Have a beautiful weekend.

  4. What could be more fun than seeing photos of cute babies, and sweet old people? By the way I love Big sis' fascinator . . .

  5. THESE are my favorite kinds of posts! Babies, sweet older people, family, memories, gratitude, and love! Doesn't get much better and I thank you for sharing yours!

  6. Somehow I lost you off my blog roll. I'm glad I found you again.

  7. What a sweet post, Dayle. I enjoy hearing and seeing photos of your family. You have many, many blessings to count! Thanks for this reminder to always do the same.

  8. I enjoyed this very much. We are blessed indeed!

  9. I love that Psalm and though we have our struggles, I feel so blessed in so many ways!

    What joy and smiles small people bring, even during sad times.

    Come link up at Memoir Monday!

  10. I very much enjoyed reading this post. A little bit of everything encompassing the whole. What sweet times you have enjoyed even some in the midst of sadness. That little grand-niece of yours is a cutie pie all right! What a wonderful testimony your dad has! I'm off to read more of it.

  11. I bet I know what the project is, but I won't tell.

  12. Oh Dayle, this was beautiful. Yes, I love old people and babies. So, first of all, though I pray for comfort for your family as you mourn this earthly death, I also celebrate your brother-in-law's mom's homecoming! Our momentary loss is her eternal gain!

    Pie is just precious - sweet enough to nibble on! And your daughter is beautiful.

    And what joy to see your sweet daddy blessed with recovery.

    God is good, isn't He?! ALL the time...



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