Monday, November 4, 2013

This One's for You, Girlfriend!

Just when you thought Chicken Soup had exhausted all possible titles, here's another one, and this one's for you, girlfriend!

The story I share in this book is about a getaway with a dear friend, during a tumultuous season of my life. Let's just say I went empty and I left full.

Books go on sale tomorrow, at bookstores near you. 

For a look at Chicken Soup's future titles, and a chance to have your poem or story considered, click on this link.

Until next time, kindred spirits, press on!


  1. Yup, what would we do without our girlfriends??? And yes, press on. (Funny sidenote: I ended my post today with a similar phrase!)

    And hey, congrats on getting your story published! Love Chicken Soup books!


  2. Looking forward to reading it, Dayle Love my girlfriends. I tell my girls to guard their girlfriends because the good ones will last for a lifetime- xo Diana

  3. This is definitely one we'll all want. I can't wait to read your story! How special!

  4. Well, I'll be looking for this...I love my girlfriends!


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