Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Around the House ~ Past and Present

Life is a beautiful thing and I've been soaking it all in, minute by minute, hence my scarceness in blogland, but I wanted to share some scenes from around my humble abode before this wonderful season is over. The little dress above, displayed in my foyer, was worn by my sweet daughter, Christmas 1987.

I could just pinch her chubby cheeks!

That's sugar plum's mother with us, top left; my mother bottom right.

Where, oh, where, has the time gone?

Every Christmas, I say I’m going to downsize. This year, I actually did. Hallelujah and amen. I was quite proud of myself for not letting my heart rule my head on this matter. 

I adore teddy bears, but they generally stay hidden until the Christmas season. The bear on the left is wearing the outfit worn by my adorable daughter on her first Christmas, 1986, the same Christmas that she got the teddy bear that is now wearing it. His name is Fuzzy Joe Bear.

Cutest Santa ever!

My dad holding her on the right makes me all weepy inside.

I still have all of the toys in these photos.

I'm a saver of things. Can you tell?


My old-fashioned tree is filled with an assortment of ornaments, some dated, some homemade, all simple. To read more about my ornament collection, click here

Until next time, dear friends, may your days be filled with the warmth of family and friends as you celebrate the coming of the Christ Child.

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  1. I loved the mini Christmas tour, Dayle. This is the third straight we'll not be decorating for Christmas. In fact, it's been since Christmas 2008 that our tree was out... So, I enjoyed myself immensely. Thank you for your warm Texas hospitality.

    Happy highways,

  2. Your daughter looks adorable. And I love the cute outfit, it is neat that the bear is wearing it now. What a lovely post and photos. Wishing you a happy Christmas holiday! Enjoy your week ahead!

  3. I read that line the first time as "I'm a savor of things." There's truth in that, isn't there? We save to savor. I love your sentimental collection of Christmas decorations. I understand every bit of it.

  4. Your table top vignette is absolutely darling!!!! Your daughter's dress truly completes the scene! And your tree? magical and I love that it's filled with memories! I'm still collecting some for our own, but luckily there are lots of decorations to choose from for now. Love it all Dayle!

  5. i enjoyed this tour and glimpse into your home. Such memories and pretty things. LOVE the idea of displaying her first dress like that on her first teddy bear. Enjoy every moment of this season!

  6. I, too, enjoyed your Christmas tour now and past.

    May you continue to have a lovely Christmas holiday season ~ FlowerLady

  7. For a moment, I felt as though I was there seeing the decorations. I love how they make your home feel warm and inviting. Merry Christmas, Sister Friend!

  8. I love all of your sweet decorations. That little dress is just precious hanging there and everything looks so warm and cozy! Like you, my tree is a mixture of just about theme at all and I'm very much a tradionalist when it comes to my the reds and greens! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I am a saver of things of the heart,too.
    Your tree is very beautiful and very special.
    Christmas Hugs, Dottie

  10. So many treasured memories!! Your tree is absolutely gorgeous and the photos are wonderful! I haven't been around as my computer is out. :( Trying to use the one in the apt business office when I can. Wanted to say hello and wish you the happiest of holidays!


  11. I enjoyed your Christmas decorations! Your tree is beautiful and your stockings look like ours!

  12. Hi Dayle! I just love your tree! It's so full of branches and needles (is it real?), and just the right amount of decor. The glow of the lights really oozes peace.
    How lovely to dress up your teddy's in the precious outfits of your child. I never would have thought of that. You are so inventive! And congrats on thinning out your decorations! I need to do that too. We are not doing too much in the way decorations this year, as we won't be around at Christmas time. My daughter is due with baby #2 on 12/19.
    Enjoy that gorgeous tree!

    1. Thanks, Ceil. No, the tree is not real and, honestly, it's a pain to decorate, but I press on. :)

  13. I got a big 'ol warm fuzzy in my heart at this post! So wonderful, the blessing of memories past - and the heartwarming prospect of creating new ones!


  14. You have the true Christmas spirit, LOVE.
    I think your tree is so full...of memories. It's breath taking!

  15. Wonderful memories and special times.

  16. Oh Dayle I love this post. And I know what you mean about getting all gushy inside when you look at your Dad holding your babe. It's those moments that matter in the end. I feel the same way when I see certain photos. And I love your sentimental tree. I have all my kids' home-made ornaments on mine too and I look at them and think the same think, "Where did the time go?" Funny how valuable those home-made ornaments are to me now.
    I'm happy you're surrounded by so many blessings...

  17. Hello Dayle! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment - it was a pleasure hearing from you. I thought I would make a quick visit to your blog, but have found myself scrolling through your delightful posts for the last little have a beautiful site :) I am a happy new follower and I eagerly look forward to visiting again.

    May you have a beautiful Christmas season. Blessings and hugs to you!

  18. I'm a saver of special things, too, and your little Christmas dress pulls at my heartstrings as do your photos of Christmas's past. When our oldest daughter was born on Christmas Day 1981, my sister bought her a red velvet jumper to wear on her first birthday. This year HER daughter (our youngest granddaughter) will wear the dress on her first birthday, which is on December 26!

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Merry Christmas!

  19. what a great idea to do a year in review. Scrolling through your pics and thoughts I loved it. I usually write a list of all the neat things that happened in the year and read them over in the future. It's a great reminder how blessed I am. Happy 2014 Dayle...enjoy making new memories.


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