Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Clash of the Seasons

Dear friends, I am sitting on the couch listening to the rain fall outside my window. Not a heavy rain, but one that splatters gently against the panes, like music designed for the soul. 

The last two weeks have been filled with spring temperatures, but last night the air cooled down again. Tomorrow, there’s talk of the same. When the weather gets wishy-washy, cold one day, warm the next, you can generally count on the coming of a new season. As one season struggles to break through, the other seeks to hang on. A clash is imminent.

I think I was born for mornings like this, a steaming cup of coffee on the little table beside me, a pen and yellow pad to collect my thoughts.

In the early years, whenever inspiration struck, I wrote everything out in longhand. Not because I didn’t have a trusty typewriter, and later computers of all sizes, but because my words seemed fresher, more alive when they hit the paper like that. That's not to say they were all that great; I've learned that words need time to stew before they are ready to be woven into much of anything. But there's nothing quite like raw, unedited prose scrawled by hand onto paper. It's a starting point and that is often the hardest place of all.

I wish my hands were stronger, that my fingers didn’t seize up after a while of being curled around a pen. Oh, the woes of aging, but I am grateful for many things, for computers and keyboards, and the ability to fly like the wind while typing.

But back to the weather. (Aren't I uber-interesting these days?) No doubt, you’re ready for full-on spring temperatures, especially friends who’ve been bombarded by snow and ice and miserable conditions. I don’t blame you; spring has been a long time coming. Like you, I’m anxious to putter in my garden again, but I must be honest and tell you that I’m happy for yet another cold snap in my little woods, and for the warm comforts of home.

Tonight, there will be a simple supper of soup and cornbread. I will wrap a favorite quilt around me, while the fire sings what may be some of its final notes of the season.

Until next time, here’s wishing you a day of warm hands and good food, and patience for spring’s certain arrival.


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  1. Hi Dayle! Your night sounds perfect! I would love to have a simple dinner, a warm blanket and a fire.
    I woke up to 0F, and it's now all of 6F. Sigh. The forecast says a foot of snow by the end of the weekend. Yeah, I'm pretty tired of winter.
    I write much like you do. I love my yellow legal pads. I find I can self-edit so much better on paper first. I'm sorry about your hands though. Limits are not fun are they? But maybe they call you to needed rest too.

    Have a wonderful, warm and cheery day :)

  2. I love putting my thoughts on paper too, Dayle, but like you my hands are getting cranky with age. We are having another cold snap so I have decided to spend my day at home catching up on some work. You have inspired me to make some cornbread. xo Laura

  3. I agree. Not anxious to let go of the cool days and cold nights. Texas humidity isn't my friend.

  4. Those flying fingers of yours, sure do make a rainy evening sounds so delicious. God has given you such a great talent to use those fingers and we are blessed to be able to read them!

  5. Well I am weird like you : ) I like winter and being cozy in the house. I would prefer perpetual fall /spring right after one another but summer and high humidity is probably my least favorite season, once the temps go over 75 degrees I can't wait for fall :)

  6. Your writing is lovely, so serene and thoughtful. Wonderful picture!

  7. Oh Dayle, you are really singing my song. I feel the same about wanting spring to come yet enjoying a few more cozy winter-ish evenings. For the first time in a long time, I'm not really ready for spring yet. I also have problems when I want to write down my thoughts. I tend to think (don't know why...) that I'm the only one with the problem of my fingers getting all gitched up and cramping. For me, it's a burden because it happens as I'm writing down my SS lesson, and I have a "thing" about doing it long hand.

    (In a certain kind of pencil on a certain kind of paper, too. I admit it.)

    Enough rambling for now.

  8. I have certainly been practicing patience here, Dayle. We have MORE snow coming tonight and a HIGH of about 8 degrees tomorrow. UGH
    I have always loved writing in longhand. I had/have notebooks full of things written out in longhand. You are right- there is something about words coming "alive" when written out- hand to pen to paper.
    Enjoy your gentle rain and know that I would be most glad to send you snow if you so desire!;>) xo Diana

  9. I have written my thoughts down through the years in many journals and there is just something about it...I can tell by looking at the handwriting what my frame of mind it sad, angry, is pretty obvious how I was feeling. I still do it sometimes but not as often since the computer age. I, like you and few of the others, also love that coziness and contentment that come from being snuggled in the house on a chilly evening, eating one of my favorite comfort meals....soup and cornbread! I will even go as far as saying I sometimes prefer cloudy or rainy days over the sunshine....I'm weird like that. I am more prone to look inward and do some much needed soul searching on those kind of days. Good, thought provoking post, Dayle :)

  10. LOVE reading your thoughts as always...such a gift with words. We are suppose to get some rain tonight and tomorrow and i am anxiously awaiting it. Most of our winter has been warm, warm weather making me think this spring and summer will be downright hot...sigh. A warm quilt, a toasty fire, and some yummy soup sounds sooo good. ENJOY!

  11. I can imagine listening to the rain and smelling its sweet scent :) The rain is always calming to me. You have such a beautiful way with words - thank you for sharing your thoughts. Enjoy the rest of your week! Hugs to you!

  12. Good morning, Dayle! How have I missed your most recent posts? I didn't notice them in my reader but I am happy to be here now catching up. So sorry for your loss of a dear friend. The photos are so sweet.

    Your bedroom project sounds like an exciting one. I just love aqua/robins egg blue and have it in my dining room, family room, powder room and accented elsewhere. It makes me happy and works well with my favorite color, white :) So I lean toward those sample photos.

    I should become a bit more like you and leave things put for a while. I move furniture and so often it seems like my exercise routine!

    Always a delight to pop in and say hi!

  13. Soup and cornbread is one of my favorite meals to make.

  14. Dearest Dayle-
    Everything you just described in this post describes exactly how I feel about writing.
    Sometimes blogging encourages rushing our writing, right?

    Stay warm-
    my thoughts of gardening are on hold again.


  15. I love the rain . Especially a soft gentle rain that comes at night and carries a lullaby with it.

  16. It's nice to be snug inside when the weather is bad, but I cannot wait until I can sit outside and do my writing on my deck. Come on, Spring!


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