Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Winter Does

Yesterday, under a 75-degree sky, I walked out back to inspect my little garden. I discovered, other than the hardier plants, there’s not much out there that can be salvaged.

Around here, we seldom have to protect anything from the weather, but this winter brought us more consecutive days of below freezing temperatures than in recent years. We even switched off our water feature, to keep it from doing ugly things.

As I clipped away the dead branches of what once were thriving beauties, I quietly thanked them for all of the smiles and joys they’d brought to me in the last couple of years. (Am I the only one who talks to dead plants?)

 When I finished, what once looked like this, 

... now looks like this. 

Winter can be cruel like that. It steals, kills, and destroys.

But I assured the dirt that I'd be back soon, loaded down with whatever strikes my fancy at the nursery. Together, we'd make magic again.

Winter can be beautiful like that. It gives you a chance to start fresh. 

With more freezing temperatures said to be in our future, the time to start over is not yet, but my hands are already itching to get to it.

Until next time, dear friends, be patient in the winter season. It won't last forever.


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  1. What a beautiful thing you did. Isn't it great that you joined Him in the beauty of growing His creation.

  2. That's a disappointment, but it will be fun replanting.

  3. So nice to get it all cleaned out so that you can start fresh when the weather warms up. Can't wait to see what you plant. xo Laura

  4. I love gardening! The winter months always look a bit bleak but when the green shoots start peeking through I know the promise of Spring will arrive once again. And because of the stark winter I appreciate it that much more...

  5. Just like in life, we get new beginnings...reminds me of the song "Something Beautiful" :)

  6. Love this entire post from the beginning to the end. You are so right on BOTH accounts of what winter is like, and I'm so glad you reminded me of the second one. It's time for me to cut my winter losses in a variety of areas and start fresh. You don't know that I need to thank you , but I'm thanking you anyway.

    And as for talking to dead plants? Yes, I do. Generally speaking, they talk back to me too. They say, "Murderer!!"


  7. I am sorry you lost plants. That always gets to me. What you had was lovely, but now you have a blank canvas so to speak, to create something new and beauteous!

    Enjoy the process.


  8. I can't wait to get dirt under my fingernails. Well, I actually wear gloves, but you know what I mean.
    Yes, I'll be patient and wait. It's fun to plan.

    (By the way, I talk to all my plants and anything else that will listen.)

  9. Hello, I'm writing to apologize! I referred to you as Mr. Shockley in a recent reply to your post on Harvest Lane Cottage. I had not yet clicked through to your blog. Please do forgive me!

    May God bless you,

    1. Laura, there's nothing to forgive. With a name like Dayle, you aren't the first one to do that. Not a problem. Thanks for stopping in for a visit.

  10. It is amazing what Winter does to our gardens-but I will say this your garden is beautiful in all of it's glory-know you can't wait to begin planting again!

  11. So thankful for the opportunity for new growth. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Hi Dayle, here in UT we have to plant perennials and bushes that will survive the Winter. Of course I throw in some annuals for extra color each year. I worked out in the gardens today and there is signs of life popping up all over. I am always amazed at the beauty that comes out of the ground after a cold winter. I'm sure you will have your garden looking lovely again! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. I haven't even seen our grass in weeks -- it's been covered in snow. Our bushes all took a beating, too. I'm can't wait to start seeing the early signs of spring!

  14. Looking forward to the new blooms ahead! Thanks for linking up at Thought-Provoking Thursday. :)


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