Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Change of Pace that Aging Brings ~ And Winter Holds On

Tuesday morning, after a night of occasional sleeting, I woke to a rare sight here in my little woods.

Through the window, under a wet and gray sky, the trees glistened, their limbs heavy with ice. I opened the front door and saw a few branches scattered across the ground, unable to bear the added weight. From down the street, I heard a loud popping noise and looked just in time to see a massive limb snap off of a neighbor's pine tree. 

It's amazing how something so magical can also be so dangerous.

Despite the commotion outdoors, it seemed a day made for quiet moments indoors. 

After putting on a pot of coffee, I walked out to collect a few logs from what is left of the woodpile, the cold air filling up my lungs and exiting in a small puff of smoke. On my way back inside, I glanced at the thermometer on the fence. It registered 20-something or other, definitely too cold for this Southern girl. 

From the lightness of the wood, I knew it would burn easily. In a few minutes, the room filled up with a cozy, orange glow.

After the coffee finished brewing, I carried a steaming cup to the couch and breathed a prayer for friends and family who must get out and brave the elements. I read the morning's headlines by the warmth of the fire, then called home and talked to my dad, just to make sure they were OK on such an icy morning. I sat in silence for a long while, watching the fire. 

When the flames died down, I added another log, then reached out to stroke the face of one spoiled, sleeping dog named Diesel. 

I am blessed.

The night before, I had gone to bed with a burdened heart, matters beyond my control. But there’s something promising about a new morning, and something reassuring about performing ordinary daily activities—brewing coffee, building a fire, calling home, saying a prayer. Such actions have a way of keeping me grounded and steady, a revelation that came later in life.

I remember the busy years spent as a young wife and mother, when I rushed frantically through these same daily activities. There were responsibilities at home, at work, at church. There were school obligations, and writing deadlines. Life was so frantic back then, slowing down almost impossible.

But I'm no longer a young woman; these days are different. It's a new season for me. 

While I miss the strength of my youth, I am deeply grateful to know there are joys that come with aging. Though some fight against the inevitable change of pace that the years bring, I've come to cherish my life in the slow-lane, the life that God has graciously granted to me.

Whatever season you find yourself in, dear friends, whether it be the fast-lane or the slow-lane, I wish for you a day of quiet moments, one of warmth, of prayer, and of home.



  1. Yes, this. I am not in the place where I can slow down too much with a 12yo to take here and there, but I feel it coming. So I cherish these days as they pass by fleetingly. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Really beautiful, Dayle. I just returned yesterday afternoon from another visit *down the hill* with Mom and family. And this morning, I was greeted with a sunny and bright-blue-sky morning. Peaceful surroundings are helping to calm the upheaval in my soul.

    And yes, the slower pace of aging is nice sometimes...


  3. This post warmed my heart. I many times enjoy those cloudy, overcast days, to just kick back and ponder where I am in my life at the moment. We can get so distracted with activities and are so right about that....and I rarely feel guilty about it anymore :)

  4. This is a lovely post. Dayle. Yes, aging definitely slows us down. I am waiting for the day when I can go with the flow of that slower pace my body is telling me to take. xo Laura

  5. hitting 40 this year i definitely feel the "slowing" setting in. :)) i'm learning to find the joy in each season and savor the sweetness and necessity each holds.

    a comforting post~ felt i was sitting there with you in front of the fire with a coffee mug in my hand!


  6. Dayle - What a lovely post. I think that when you realize this phase of your life setting in, that is half of the solution. There are so many pros and cons to being young and/or aging that you just have to look at the positive side and appreciate it. I just don't appreciate the fact that I can't do what I use to do! LOL But, I have accepted it. I have written in my Bible "to worry is an insult to God" and I truly believe that.

    Thanks for a thought provoking post. One that makes us appreciate "our" side of the aging process.


  7. I am thankful for what I have and I'm blessed with good health. I stay as active as I can because I know I am slowing down and there's no way around it. Thanks for your thoughtful posts my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. I also am not a young woman any more and I treasure the slower pace God has given me.I enjoy the peace of a simple life. I am a small moments person .It does not take such to make me happy.
    God is good and I love him so....

  9. I am enjoying my age-even though I am still rushed sometimes with the demands of grandchildren and hubby's "on call" life. I am also working from home (by choice) to help someone get "caught up" so that takes up my early morning "me time". AND we have a new baby coming next Tuesday unless she arrives early.

    God bless you, Dayle. I enjoy reading your posts more than you will ever know. They quieten my spirits many times...and leave me feeling, like you do, that life is good-pretty good-in the long run- and I am blessed- xo Diana

  10. Hi Dayle, Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Your post was a reflection of my feelings. I see we share five CS books and also Focus in the Family publication. Nice to run in the same circles. Blessings!

  11. Dayle, This is a lovely post. Last week was my 60th birthday and age has brought me a new sense of personal freedom.

  12. Dayle. Thank you. I needed to hear these words. I am trying to embrace the place with Grace that I am in. This has been a new slow down & what Do I do next in this season of my life. Love reading your blogs. God Bless You XO

  13. Hi sweet Dayle! You shared a lovely post and hopefully it's one I will remember for many years - thank you :) Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  14. You truly have the gift of writing Dayle. It was plain wonderful reading thru this post.

  15. Dear Dayle...

    Oh, I was SO GLAD to see your comment on Linda's blog today.

    For some reason, I have lost your blog on my site. HELP! How can I find you again?

    I have missed reading your posts and missed your visits to my blog.

    Please tell me what you think the problem is that I am no longer receiving your blog on my list.

    Love your writing, Dayle. So glad you are okay. I agree totally with you regarding the aging process. There are so many good things that God has blessed us with, how can we complain? Susan

    1. Sweet Susan, I sent you an email that should help. Let me know if you have questions.

  16. this is such a calming post...very gentle....and Dayle...whatever the issue was the night before, I hope it's completely resolved. Things really do look better in the morning. Hope the weekend is a great one. :)

  17. I know my body doesn't do what it used to do, but my teenage son does help keep my feeling young! I do like what you said about joys that come with aging.

  18. Oh my Dayle- how very well said . . .
    "I've come to cherish my life in the slow-lane, the life that God has graciously granted to me."

    I also have been going to bed with a burdened heart, matters beyond my control.
    My prayers are with us both.


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