Saturday, March 8, 2014

What Friends Will Do

The Man came in from the mailbox not long ago and handed me an envelope addressed to me. I love it when that happens. Do you get as excited about receiving personal mail as I do? It's right up there with chocolate, people.

Inside was a wonderful surprise. My lovely friend Kelley had written to me some time ago and asked me to send her a photo of the boarding side of Cloud Nine. (You may know that The Man and I named our RV Cloud Nine, as we always feel as if we're on Cloud Nine whenever we climb aboard.) 

Kelley didn't say why she wanted the photo, but I assumed she had something up her sleeve. She can be sneaky like that.

Would you just look at what I found inside the package! I couldn't help myself. I broke out into a smile that went on forever. Kelley is not only C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E, but she is creative in a major way.

I swiped these pictures from her blog, because, well, they are just perfect.

As you can see, Kelley's work is flawless.
That awesome little heart over the "i" is my favorite thing.

If you click here, you can read the delightful story of where this little piece went in the wide world before Kelley finished it and mailed it to me.

Thank you, dear friend! You made me and The Man smile, and we won't celebrate another Christmas without remembering your kindness.

To have someone take the time to create such a special gift, and send it to me by mail, makes me realize how blessed I am to be acquainted with dear people like Kelley. (I also swiped this photo of her and her husband. Aren't they the cutest couple? They've been married like three decades.)

If you've not visited Kelley's blog, you will find it a unique space, filled not only with fun, but a host of heartwarming and thought-provoking writing. Tell her I sent you.

Until next time, dear peeps, may your weekend be filled with the joy of friends, be they near or far.



  1. That is just the cutest little ornament ever! She is VERY good at embroidery- LOOK AT those stitches. She's a master at it. I would hate to see my work placed next to hers..and that little heart is amazing (and hard to do). Wow~! I am off to visit her blog. She is lovely inside and out- I can tell. xo Diana

  2. Kelley is indeed completely wonderful! I love your new treasure!

  3. I loved it when I saw it on Kelley's blog. Isn't it precious? So is she.

  4. Immensely talented! Love it. I bet you look at it about every hour, don't you?

  5. That is so adorable! What a great friend to have in your life! xoxo

  6. There is no better give than the thoughtfulness of a friend; although a tangible gift from a thoughtful friend tops that! It's beautiful!

  7. How sweet and special :) You are certainly blessed with a precious friend - hugs to you!

  8. Thank you, dear Dayle, for your inspiration and friendship. You are a wonderful example of a godly woman, and I look up to your witness of the Lord's mercy, grace and love.

    May you and your Man enjoy many happy highways aboard Cloud Nine. Joy on your journey!


  9. You are a lucky woman to have a friend like that! <3

  10. Yes...I get so excited as well to receive letters from family and dear friends!
    That's a great friend you have there!


  11. That is truly sweet and thoughtful! Your lucky to get the gift but luckier to have such a friend!


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