Friday, June 13, 2014

When People Pray ~ Look What the Lord has Done

Dear friends, what can I say except you are wonderful! Your prayers have helped lift the heaviness. Without a doubt, I have turned a corner. I am grateful for your prayers and encouraged by your words. I cherish the community that comes from blogging, and the strength that comes from sharing our stories.

If I’ve learned anything about life, I’ve learned that storms come to us all. But in the midst of them, if we don’t become distracted by the waves or flying debris, we can experience the sweet peace of the Lord. 

Speaking of storms, when you travel in an RV, you pay attention to weather forecasts. Last evening, as storm clouds gathered around us, The Man and I put away the lawn chairs and rolled up the outdoor rugs, anticipating a night of winds and rain. I texted a few family members and asked for extra prayers, then I said a few of my own.

Shortly before midnight, the predicted storm arrived. As we watched through the windows, I kept repeating, “Lord, please keep your hand upon us this night, and upon our fellow-campers.” 

An hour or so later, the calm came and we went to bed.

The morning light revealed a large branch of a pecan tree had fallen, not 10 feet away from where we lay sleeping. As we walked around it, shaking our heads, our lips were filled with praise and thanksgiving to God for His mighty hand of protection through the night. We never know what a day will bring, but be it good news or bad, we are in faithful hands.

“I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my place of safety: my God; in him will I trust.” ~ Psalm 91:2

Until next time, precious friends, may your weekend be one of peace and strength, and may you find the courage needed for whatever task is before you.



  1. Oh my goodness! Praise God you were protected from that tree branch! God is soo good. Glad you are doing better. Your so right of course. Storms come to us all. And it is nice to lean on others when they do. Enjoy your week-end!

  2. Needed to read this today and to be reminded of God's promise to us.
    Thank you for sharing and I am glad you are okay!


  3. What an amazing story! So full of good lessons for us all. We never know what dangers we have avoided in life because of God's mercy!

  4. Well, Dayle, all I can say, after looking at that photo, is PRAISE THE LORD. He sure protected you and kept you blessedly safe through that storm. Glad the "other" storm is lifting, too. Susan

  5. God is good. I am so glad he stayed that limb and kept it from falling on the RV. He has us even in the midst of the storms, physically and emotionally. (I missed your last post. I pray you continue to feel His love.)

  6. The name of The Lord is a strong tower. I can run inside and am safe there!

    Thanksgiving hugs,

  7. Wow; I'm chagrined at being a 'fair weather' friend. Seeing storm pictures - both yours and my friends' in Abilene and Lubbock, and realizing no-one was injured - makes me want to fall on my knees in Thanksgiving.
    Your reassurances and reminders are a real blessing, Dayle.

    Wishing your DH and sweet Daddy a most blessed Father's Day!

  8. Wow ~ God took care of you in a mighty way. This is so wonderful to see. Our God is awesome.


  9. I know if I heard the fall, I'd never sleep. God was with you there, also.
    Physically and mentally.
    Yes, God is good.
    It is an honor to be apart of your pray chain!

  10. Draw on the promises of God, as in Psalm 91, "A thousand may fall at your left hand and ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near to you." So thankful for God's protection and thankful that he has given you peace in the midst of your storm.

  11. WOW!!! What an awesome testimony to prayer!!!! AMEN!!!! It was close...but you were protected!!!


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