Friday, August 29, 2014

Living in the Moment ~ It's the Only Time we Have

On those days when you tend to think too far into the future, imagining what anguish, what difficulty might await you, take a deep breath, look around you, and breathe in the moment. Squeeze every ounce of goodness out of it, because it’s the only moment we have. The future belongs to the One who is already there, and I’ve learned that He can be trusted.

So, I’m taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, living in the moment.

Inside, the fragrance of apple pie lingers in the air.

Outside, the neighborhood is peaceful and green.

My little backyard garden has been prodded and pruned.

And still, she offers her beauty.

A stake in the ground reminds me of what I already know, and what was proven again just this week.

The laundry has been folded, the floors have been swept, and I discovered long ago that the best flowers come from your very own garden, and the best arrangements are not arranged at all.

I'm living in the moment.

Here’s wishing you a weekend of the same.



  1. This is beautiful...
    You put into words exactly what I need to hear, and remember.
    I shall refer to your lovely words often, my friend.
    Have a great weekend! : )

  2. Now this is lovely...truth and beauty in one post.

  3. Beautiful, dear Dayle. Yes, we all need to live in the moment and your reminder came at the perfect time - thank you :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Great post...and I love the picture of your neighborhood...those trees! It is all so pretty and serene looking. Have a great weekend, Dayle!


  5. Loved ALL of this...but the neighborhood shot was especially lovely. Enjoy your week-end too!

  6. As always, a beautiful way of expressing yourself. I love kitchen scents and I've got to get a few soon. The old adding machine is a treasure. I remember working on one like this during the Office Procedures class when I was in high school. My how things have changed!

  7. Beautiful post in photos and words as always! Love all of your treasures and agree on the "flower arrangements." Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  8. Lovely reminder to quit planning, quit pushing and let go. Your neighborhood is lovely!

  9. I enjoy reading your words!
    They are like a warm sip of tea, the first sip, the one that you can feel go down.
    So warm and so good!

  10. The very best way to live, Dayle! I strive to do that but don't always succeed. God bless you- I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I am slowly easing back into blogging. xo Diana

  11. What I have been trying my best to do these days. "Tomorrow" is so frightening to me right now and yesterday makes me weepy and blue. So... living in this moment is the best prescription.

    Hope all is well with you (and your mommy-to-be). I didn't even see this post until this morning so that should tell you how ferhoodled Debbie Land is.

  12. Beautiful and refreshing reminder for today and my tomorrows!


  13. There is just something appealing about the waning side of a garden that makes me happy.

  14. Oh your beautiful images have me so excited to begin my journey towards Texas. It begins later this week! :)

    I also wanted to thank you for your kind comments and friendship. You are a treasure. Have a blessed week!


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