Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When Seasons End ~ Scenes from a Blessed Life

Dear friends, as I write, the morning is new. I am sitting at my desk, just me, my coffee, and my thoughts. Growing up, my dad used to tell me that if I missed the morning I missed the best part of the day. As a teenager who engaged in sleep marathons during summer months, I considered his summation a whole lot of hogwash. Through the years, however, I came to realize how right those words are. Mornings whisper to my spirit. Their quiet hours have a pureness about them that can’t be duplicated, a pureness that I crave and seek out.

The last few days have brought sighs and smiles, starting with Saturday when my parents drove over to spend the day. Yes, dear old dad is still able to drive and I dread the day when some brave soul may have to tell him he can't. Sparks will fly, but for now he remains the chief navigator. Blessed is what we are.

My sweet mother delivered the pillowcases she had made for the both of us to send to Kelley's Pillowcase Project. I love them all and encourage you to participate in this worthy cause.

As summer draws to a close, I must say it’s been a one-of-a-kind summer for us—not in temperatures, but in personal matters that stretch your faith and test your patience. There have been comings and goings, here a little, there a little, time spent away from home, from church, from family, and time spent away from all of you. I have missed the days of routine.

But yesterday, as happens around this time every year, there on the ground lay the first sign that a new season is on its way, that nothing lasts forever, not even the state of limbo. (And let the people shout, "Hallelujah and amen!")

It was only a small thing, but I felt a stirring in my spirit as I imagined the coming days when the smell of a pumpkin pie baking in the oven will waft through the house. When, on brisk evenings, homemade soups will fill heavy pots on the stove, and cornbread will slide out of an iron skillet, golden brown and piping hot, just waiting to be slathered with butter.

Sometimes, it's the promise of what is to come that gives us the courage to accept what is, to let go of what was, and to keep moving forward. 

Until next time, sweet friends, your company remains a pleasure. May the final days of summer be slow and easy and filled to the brim with all of the things that make you smile.



  1. Let us borrow no troubles from tomorrow... I, for one, am not eager to move forward yet, even though, like so many, my favorite season is autumn. What a pretty golden leaf!

  2. I join you in the anticipation of beautiful autumn and all she brings with her. : )
    A lovely post to begin my morning! : )
    Have a cozy day...

  3. While autumn remains my favourite season, I'm not in a hurry to leave summer behind. There's still warmth in that sun and the Pacific is warmest in September.

  4. It is so great to see your dad out and about (still driving!)
    That is such a great picture and camera angle of the four of you.

  5. I rode with my 90 year old mother today. My heart was in my throat, but she believes that she is still a wonderful driver. It is so hard for them to give up their independence. Fall seems to be coming extra early this year. I must admit that I am not quite ready for it. xo Laura

  6. My husband and I were sitting on the patio one morning this week enjoying coffee and watching the birds come to eat from the feeders. I commented that the trees, grass and flowers were looking tired and before long, autumn would be arriving. We both enjoy autumn and the vivid colors it brings to the leaves here in Tennessee. Until it arrives, we will continue to deal with the hot, humid days of summer.

  7. Don't know why, but this stirred my soul and brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because I could my daddy's hands when I looked at yours resting against your mom's leg. That's what daddy did. Or maybe it was the thoughts of the difficult times we have had. Or maybe it was how God is so good to offer His grace and comfort in the most difficult incredibly stifling places. This was a beautiful post and spoke volumes to me.

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by to welcome me back! Your beautifully written words, lovely photos and your deep thoughts here made me really remember what it is I missed about blogging!

  9. How wonderful your dad is still driving! Good for him. My hubby's father just got his license renewed and he is 85! Glad he is still able to get himself around too..God is good! LOVED this post! I soo enjoy the way you write. It stirs my heart and soul every time! YAY! for Fall. Love it too!

  10. I'm around the corner if needed. How well you know that. :-)

  11. Oh Dayle..this was the neatest post. My mother used to tell me that about mornings and she was always up bright and early. I have no memory of her laying "abed"...none. The summer sped by and my favorite time of year is approaching.
    Watching the morning sun come up and slant into my living room through the lace curtains and onto my rose covered a wonderful time. The birds gather at the feeder outside..and like you I know my mother was on to something. Isn't it wonderful. Yes..the smell of fresh coffee...I wish it was like this all over our world. I really do.

  12. Dayle, I tried to write to you using your email address and it came back to me. I don't have you in my "address book" so I don't know what to do. This is the second time I have tried to send an email thanking you for your vist to my blog...and to just chat a second..and back it comes. Do you know what is wrong.
    I click on your goes to your profile..and email address..I click on the email address and the blank letter comes up with your name in the email address box and I write and send and back it comes...with error damian something for other. No reason is's confusing.
    Did you now there was a problem?

    1. Hi, Mona, yes thank you for reminding me I need to make that change. I have merged my website with my blog and that particular email address is no longer valid. I will make that change.

  13. I felt the exact same way when I spied the cotton blossoms last week.

    I love it that your dad can still drive! Just think that not that long ago, he couldn't even walk. God is amazing .That's what He is.

  14. Ahhhh... what a delightful post. I enjoyed your word pictures, and seeing your parents in the car as they leave. Sweet memories.

  15. Your parents are so cute, Dayle! Your dad's recovery is even more than I dreamed possible!
    Mother Nature is still reluctant to point her HOT breath in another direction, but I've faith Autumn WILL arrive, one of these days ... hopefully before December. LOL!

    PS - Love your ball cap!

  16. Hi Dayle...I am trying to catch up on posts that I missed while we were away at the beach for a few days. We have had a very unusual summer...almost fall-like some weeks, others, not so much! I'm NOT complaining, mind you! But like you, I do look forward to the change of seasons, especially from summer to fall. I have also noticed some of the leaves changing and I will be ready for the opportunity to cook up my first batch of chili!
    Blessings, friend!

  17. I am playing catch-up at ACODays... Hit the ground running when we landed in St. Louis. Enjoying every moment.

    Look forward to some precious little one's receipt of your delightful pillowcases. They turned out adorably!

    Hugs and happy week to you,


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