Saturday, October 4, 2014

Living in the Moment ~ Autumn's Spell and Assorted Ramblings

Dearest friends, here in my little woods the seasons have been battling it out. There have been showers and winds and a bit of wrestling back and forth as autumn attempts to take over. Summer can be stubborn around these parts, but right now the air has once again cooled down, a pleasant breeze rustles the trees, and the wind-chimes fill the yard with the sound of music.

As I write from my office, I feel as if I have little to say these days, that the words I type land with a thud, heavy, boring, and repetitious. But when you strive to live in the moment, you can't skip over the moments that are not light and airy. You must consider that not every note rings of joy; some moments, some melodies are quite solemn.

As I ponder this truth, I glance over my shoulder and at once I'm inspired by the sight of October’s sun stretching across the dining room table in familiar ribbons of gold. I grab my camera before the moment is lost. 

And then I get a whiff of onions and garlic and tomatoes and chili peppers coming from the homemade chili simmering on the stove, and I'm filled up with gratitude for the simple pleasures that can be found in an ordinary afternoon, for the golden moments that offset the rest.

On Thursday, I discovered this loveliness in the remains of my gardens, and I thought of the words of Mother Teresa: "Lord, give me an open heart to find you everywhere, to glimpse the heaven enfolded in a bud.”

In a few short hours, Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, The Man and I will be on the road for an autumn adventure. The pace will be slow and easy, with lunch in small town cafes, treasure hunts in dusty thrift shops, and trails that call to wanderers. 

There’ll be familiar mountain vistas that never grow old, and campfires for lingering come evening time. If we’re lucky, we’ll see the forest come alive in shades of red and yellow and orange. Autumn has cast her spell and I must go. I’ll be sure and send postcards here and there along the way. 

There is much to do before I can climb aboard Cloud Nine so, until next time, may the magic that is autumn settle gently around you as October's journey begins. As always, thanks for keeping me company here. It means ever so much.


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  1. What a wistful post today, Dayle. Nostalgic and sweet. Enjoy your time on the road with your hubby. The road always calls me this time of year, too. Drop us lines when you can! xo Diana

  2. I hope you have a good-get-away. Your words didn't 'thud' to me. They inspired and up-lifted my thoughts to a wonderful Creator of our seasons! I just returned from a thrift store. My 13 yr. old daughter and I each found a few treasures; mostly books:)

  3. I love when you climb in Cloud Nine and then show us your adventures!
    Safe travels!

  4. Always love my visits here, my new friend...
    Have a wonderful time.
    Enjoy the glorious autumn!

  5. How fun to travel and experience the beauty of autumn in different places! Safe travels!

  6. Such a lovely post, Dayle. I hope that you and the man have a wonderful, leisurely trip. xo Laura

  7. First of all, your words are always an inspiration to me Dayle. I have to admit I'm just a tad jealous though...your post made me want to stow away in Cloud Nine and go too!! Although you must know I'm just kidding, you have a way of describing these adventures that make your readers feel like they have gone along! Have a wonderful time, be safe and will be looking forward to your "postcards" :)

  8. What a lovely image of afternoon sun reflecting on your table!
    Small town cafes and thrift shops are some of my favorite things .... travel safely!

  9. Well, I am late to this good bye party, but I hope you are as figuratively on Cloud Nine in your adventure as you will be literally. It sounds like a wonderful trip to me.

    I thought as I read this that you were really writing a bunch of Simple Pleasures posts all in one post.

    My how I miss that weekly party.

  10. your words are music to my soul this morning...

  11. Well if Debbie is late to the party, I almost missed it altogether. Loved this post as I always do yours..such a gift with the written word you have. Loved the picture of the afternoon sun. Somehow I can just be transferred to all of this (and know it well!) when you write. ENJOY your time away. It sounds heavenly. HUGS

  12. longing to 'go' myself.. in one of our vintage trailers. :)
    blessings this autumn season.

  13. love the picture's stunning, and it's the little things, the simple that sometimes are the best. You captured that in your post. Hope you and the man ave a great Autumn adventure.

  14. Beautifully put--and your photos are proof that a picture can say so much!

  15. Beautiful post. I also look forward to your written word. Thanks for reminding me to live in the moment. I'm asking God to make me content.

  16. Dayle, I love this post. It has awakened all my senses. Life is rich with blessings if we slow down and appreciate the little things.

  17. Holding on to simple pleasures letting nothing steal your joy . . .

  18. This is just lovely Dayle.
    It is indeed all about the simple blessings in life.

    Have a wonderful adventure!

    Where are you headed?


    1. Laura, we are in one of our favorite destinations, Great Smoky Mountains. New blog post scheduled for tomorrow.

  19. I would love to "run away" right now...but cannot. I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!


  20. Lovely post, full of the beauty of ordinary days.


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