Thursday, October 30, 2014

Postcards from the Road ~ Family fun and Farewell October

Our autumn trip is winding down, and so I leave you with photos from the past few days. Thanks again for your company along the way. It's made the journey even sweeter.

On Sunday, The Man and I attended services at the little church that sits right next to the RV park, and there's a story behind this photo. Every evening, in a small window of time, the sun’s rays flood the two trees on the right, setting them aglow in shades of crimson and orange. For days, I attempted to capture the perfect moment, but my timing was always off. Until Saturday.

My sweet cousin, Edward, and his lovely wife, Sharon, drove up from their home in Mississippi to spend a few days hanging out with us this week. They stayed in a hotel close by and we enjoyed being together so very much.


Monday was a day of unspeakable beauty, a day when nature’s colors mingled together in every shade of grandeur, a day that left me breathless and humbled by the loveliness of autumn and the companionship of family. 

What mystical beauty, when the sun pierces the foliage above the shadowy riverbed. 

I love this photo of Edward and Sharon.

 Meigs Falls is a popular stopping place along Little River Road.

There's nothing more special than family. 


The gang takes a selfie, while Edward makes me nervous standing a little too close to the edge. I was concerned we might have an unannounced baptism.

God's handiwork. 

No words needed.

After we left the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, we drove into Gatlinburg for a little fun and food.

Tuesday found us back at Dollywood, enjoying the National Southern Gospel and Harvest Celebration month.

As I write, it is Wednesday night. Earlier today, under dreary skies, the captain turned on the seat-belt sign and Cloud Nine rolled out of Pigeon Forge. As we drove through the gray morning, I realized October is almost over, another October spent in the Smokies, another month of undeserved blessings.

Through the years of coming to this part of the country, The Man and I have stayed both in log cabins on high mountain peaks, and in RV’s in the foothills below. Although I don't enjoy the tedious drive up or down a steep mountainside, those narrow roads with endless drop-offs and hairpin curves, I had always considered myself a mountain top kind of girl. The views are majestic, the air crisp. 

But this trip revealed something to me, something I never expected. While a stay at the top is always going to bring a thrill, I’ve discovered that I’m a foothills girl at heart.

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To dwell in a cabin, nestled against the side of a mountain, watching the seasons unfold in my very own yard, now that would be a piece of heaven for me.

Until next time, dear friends, thanks for your generous comments and for your continued friendship. I hope October has been kind to you.



  1. Dayle...your photos made me have to catch my breath...what glorious beauty! Your words describing them were just as beautiful. Thank you for sharing your trip to the Smokies with us.

  2. You used the word postcards in the previous could print out a box of them! You've seen such amazing sights. And you always look so cute...even out in the middle of the wilderness! Safe travels my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Dayle- I am so glad you caught that photo of the sun setting those trees ablaze in that shaft of light. Perfect.

    How wonderful that your cousin and wife could spend time with you. It is wonderful to share those special moments in time and space when we can.

    It was a wonderful trip for you and I know you are sorry to see it end...but I know that you love your home, too. Have a safe trip! xo Diana

  4. The photos captured the beauty of fall colors in the Great Smokey Mountains. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. You really got me with the last picture! I want to be on that porch, just enjoying God's creation.

  6. Truly God's masterwork! I can't tell you how much I love these photos ~ and yes, making cards with them would be sublime. A dear friend of mine lost her Dad a couple of years ago. He did quite a bit of photography and she's shared some of the photos via cards to me. Such a treasure!

    I'm so glad you were able to take this trip and spend time with family.


  7. Dayle, I so enjoyed all your photos and words. They are both filled with beauty! Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Oh my goodness....what unspeakable beauty! I enjoyed every one of those pictures. and your words describing it all as always. Thanks for bringing us along.

  9. I may never get back to the great Smoky Mountains, but your images and heartfelt observations are the next best thing!!!
    I agree, to live at the foothills and witness the changing of the seasons would be heavenly!

  10. stunning pictures and what memories you guys made. Beautiful!

  11. You always capture the essence of your wonderful trips - both in words and in pictures. Lovely fall colors. We live in the mountains now, and most of the trees are evergreens. However, we do have a smattering of yellows as some of our trees turn color. It's awful nice to have a fall season in California!!


  12. A beautiful post! I long for relationships with all of my family. Right now there is estrangement on both sides. Hurts so. Some pain only God can heal.

  13. Wow Dayle, what a gorgeous place! I could easily spend time there. Love being in the outdoors amongst some of God's most beautiful creations! You got some fabulous photos and I love the story of the sun and the church! Having family join you is the icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.


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