Thursday, November 20, 2014

Crocheting Hearts and a Solemn Pledge

Disclosure: This post contains photos of crochet projects, but I promise to not become a crazy-crocheting-grandmother-gone-wild. You have my solemn pledge.

During the time I was away in October, I enjoyed making small crochet projects in my downtime, anticipating cupcake's arrival. Everything I made was super simple (I actually made up a couple of designs, using bits and pieces from separate patterns) and I can see how it would be easy to get carried away and whip out a dozen or more each. (See Disclosure.)

The amazing thing about crochet projects is a) for every design out there, you can find a hundred different patterns that will result in that design, with a few variations throughout; b) there are free patterns galore on the Internet, nice people who share either their own design, or the design of another crocheter (with permission) for no charge at all; and c) if you have no prior knowledge of crocheting, you can pretty much learn how via YouTube tutorials, including how to interpret a pattern. 

Oh, the world in which we live.

Recently, I came across the easiest and prettiest heart pattern that I've tried yet, which is why I'm sharing it with you. This photo came from the link for the instructions, but you can see the two pink ones I made in a collage from my Monday post.

The designer of this heart pattern is June Gilbank and she is from South Africa. June asks for donations if you download the PDF version of the pattern, but she posts the pattern on her blog and states that the pattern is free for the using, so I took her up on that. Thank you, dear June.

I especially like the smallest heart (could it be any cuter?) and made this little white one to attach to a store-bought hat, shown in the above-referenced posted. I added the extra circular embellishments to the heart, for no reason and just because. (See Disclosure.)

Until next time, dear friends, my hands may or may not be busy. Carry on and keep crocheting.


  1. I love to crochet in the winter and small projects are best for me. These hearts are precious my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. They are so cute and I love hearts. I wished I still had my crochet things, gave them to my granddaughter.

  3. I seriously wish I knew how to crochet. A bunch of my friends took it up in college, and one of my grandmothers was an avid knitter. Alas, I have not gained the skill. Is it too late? For indeed, I LOVE what you are making!!


    1. Sharon, actually it's the perfect time to learn, with so many tutorials on YouTube. Start with basic stitches. It's really easy. I promise.

  4. I never learned to crochet, only knitted a bit here and there. Well, I take that back, remember when those baskets that were crocheted from strips of fabric were popular? I made several of them :) Your little hearts are just perfectly shaped and so adorable.

  5. I really have been wanting to take up crochet again. I used to love to do it. The heart are adorable. xo Laura

  6. They turned out beautifully. I agree with you...You Tube is a huge help in learnin how to do things. My husband even goes there to learn about how to fix the car. It's great!

  7. learning...I may say it that way but really am not ready to start spelling it that way.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. I love crocheting & I am on the middle of a baby afghan & for a girl so pink hearts would be great! Yes the internet has many free patterns. Love reading your blogs. Congrats on Cupcake. Love her name. Awaiting her arrival. Hugs

  9. I just LOVE these and anything crocheted....soo pretty. My sister is a crocheting grandma and made both of Melody's babies blankets when they were born. They BOTH still carry those around as their night night "blankies"....Learning how to things from the internet is how I pretty much do everything I do from quilting to Christmas ornaments and trees. i LOVE it!! Enjoy your day!

  10. So cute - I have never crocheted anything, but I know an adorable heart when I see one!

  11. Hi Dayle! I am personally hopeless at crochet, but this really is pretty. Your yarn color is just perfect. I think crochet is the perfect habit for a cold afternoon or evening. Keeps you warm as you work!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  12. The hearts are so sweet! I really need to try crocheting again. There are so many darling things to make. I learned as a teen and then tried again as a new bride. I did it way too tight. Maybe I've gotten a little looser with age. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Looks beautiful Dayle. And it's amazing what you can learn via youtube. Happy rest of the week. :)

  14. I'm carrying on and quilting. ;) Love the pretty little hearts.

  15. Oh, how cute :) I recently went on you-tube because I forgot how to cast off my simple knitting project! It was so helpful.

  16. When you show us such pretty hearts, you can crochet and talk about it as much as you like!

    Those hearts are adorable. Now I want to do them. I haven't crocheted in years. For that I'll look for my hooks.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend. I have a giveaway in anticipation of Christmas -- hope you'll come and leave a comment for the draw!



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