Monday, November 17, 2014

The Cozy Month of November ... and Cupcake

The rain has fallen off and on now for a week, bringing brisk days and cold nights. Tonight's low is a predicted 26-degrees. Hello and BRRR! Such weather makes a perfect backdrop for homemade potato soup. Although this isn’t a photo of my potato soup, I like to think mine tastes better than anyone else’s. It's the dill weed I put in it that rocks my taste buds.

Since returning home from our month-long holiday, I’ve enjoyed the company of family, and especially the little ones, but I’ve mostly stayed on the sofa, with a quilt wrapped around me. I didn't tell you that I fell, just as our time away was coming to a close, but I did, right in the middle of Cloud Nine and not on a sidewalk, thank the good Lord. Nothing is broken, but I'm still nursing my right arm and shoulder. May need physical therapy or a cortisone shot or both. Aren't I something?

Remember the recent sneak preview? 

I attached some of my embellishments to store-bought hats for a bit of girly flair.

As you can see, Memaw has been thoroughly enjoying the thought of cupcake’s arrival. I'm not proficient at crocheting but I can read a pattern and I'm wobbling my way through and making up stuff, to boot. My mother is the official Queen of Crochet and she says I'm doing good, so I'm taking her word for it. Mothers don't lie, do they?

Guess what I'm working on? Why, a cupcake hat, of course. I found a pattern that isn't a proper cupcake hat pattern, but I think I can make it work. The pattern resembles the one in the middle, except it will be crocheted instead of knitted.

Speaking of cupcakes, I made some from scratch over the weekend, frosting and all, and YUM was the overall review.

If you're tired of hearing about cupcake, raise your hand. 

My daughter is in her sixth month of pregnancy, if you can believe it. She thinks she's fat, but I think she's perfect and glowing.


As I write, my feet are in wooly socks and an old quilt is draped across my lap. Outside, a gentle rain splatters against the window, making music meant for dozing. It is the cozy month we call November. I am blessed.



  1. Somehow your voice on the air-waves this morning gentles 'could-be-stresses'. thank-you and may God grant you patience in your' bonding-time' with Him.

    LOVE those hats. My daughter learned how to crochet via you-tube. I'm going to show her these hats!! So adorable.

  2. Well, first let me say that I'm sorry about the fall you took...glad to hear no broken bones. The weather outside seems like what we are experiencing here...without all the rain, although it started in last night and we are in for a cold, rainy day today. As I was driving to work this morning, I found myself thanking the Lord for this dismal day...and I thought to myself, "is there something wrong with me that I like cold, cloudy and rainy days???" I find these kinds of days so enjoyable too...and they are perfect for your knitting projects...which are just adorable, I might add! Just give me some of that good hot soup and I'm all set. Lastly, thanks for sharing that adorable little baby bump :)

  3. I'm so sorry you fell. I'm glad it was in Cloud Nine and not the sidewalk, too. ;) Your daughter is beautiful. I keep telling mine that I don't care how big she gets, a pregnant woman is beautiful. Love the cupcake hat and all your embellishments for the store bought one. I'm getting excited for you!

  4. I am LOVING those hats and the headbands. I do not crochet, but my sister does. I am over here hoping that Melody is having a girl and if so my sister can learn to make these things, lol. Loved your description of the weather and the times! Enjoy your week!

  5. Those cupcake hats are adorable! Can't wait to see the finished product. Hope you feel better soon. I can tell you that Cortisone can be a wonderful thing!

  6. As I write this comment, I am bundled up under some blankies in my jammies! Sometimes these cold November mornings are so comfortable! However, I am not injured! Oh dear, Dayle, so glad to hear that nothing got broken. Mend quickly!

    And no, I am not tired of hearing about Cupcake. Who could tire of hearing about babies?? :-)

    Your daughter looks radiant, by the way. And those cupcakes hats?! Too, too cute.


  7. I am so happy and excited for you...and your daughter is lovely!

  8. She is beautiful! What a happy time! Sweet hugs to you both, Diane

  9. Sorry about the fall...
    Cozy up and rest and renew.
    Your daughter looks beautiful!
    And I must mention the cupcakes...

  10. Hello sweet Dayle! Your daughter is simply beautiful! And those cupcake hats are adorable!

    Have a lovely week. Hugs to you!

  11. After all the talk of cupcakes, your daughter looked like one to me, with chocolate and pink frosting, so adorable! And I mean that in a good way!
    Those hats are so fun.
    I love cozying up under a blanket, with hot soup and tea and a project or a book. A wonderful time of year. Hope you are feeling better after your fall.

  12. This is the start of so many fun, cute and exciting things to come.
    Cupcake is blessed to have a Memaw who loves her so much.
    Darling idea to add to store bought hats!

  13. Aw those are the cutest will look darling on the baby. And your daughter is stunning, she is gorgeously glowing.

    I hope that you feel better soon, falling is so painful on the body, and the cooler weather doesn't help.

  14. Your daughter is exquisite, Dayle! Such an exciting time in all your lives ... and to think of THIS time next year? Wow!
    Hope you're feeling lots better today and didn't have to have the cortisone shot. Ouch!


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