Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Counting Down ~ Scenes from a Blessed Life

Dear friends, as the cupcake countdown continues, I figured I might as well share some things that have been happening in the last few weeks, while I have time and inclination. Once cupcake arrives, I will only have eyes for her; at least that's what I've been told.

Thanks to Pawpaw (that would be The Man), Memaw (that would be me) got a new rocking, reclining, swiveling chair! I’m not much into leather chairs, but I fell hard for this one. It’s simply perfect. The right size. The right shape. So comfy, and I can picture sharing many special moments with my cupcake right here. 

Our days of late have been cold and the nights colder.

Occasionly, our winters surprise us. It was about this time last year when we were contending with icy conditions, but, for the most part, we have just enough winter to enjoy the warm comforts of home.

Did I mention Valentine's Day? Young love is a breathtaking thing, but there’s nothing more rewarding than looking across the table at your spouse and knowing that you’ve not only shared the sun-drenched days of summer, but you’ve clung together in hurricane winds, and huddled together in the bitter nights of winter. Love that has been tested, that has deepened, that has weathered a few storms, such is true love. I was blessed to spend my 34th Valentine’s Day with The Man. We have our ups and downs, as all couples do, but we're still hanging in there.

My grandnieces are still just as grand as ever. I call one pie, the other sugar plum, for those who may be new to this space. Here are a few collages from recent days. I've often declared that it is remarkable, simply remarkable, how much love one heart can hold. These two keep mine pushing at the seams.

And this video of sugar plum and The Man making music ... oh my. It puts an unrelenting grin on my face every single time I watch it. Have mercy!

Until next time, sweet peeps, Arabella's friends are waiting for her arrival ...

And is this not the cutest baby bib ever?



  1. So much joy in this post! I am so excited for you and yours...there is nothing like a baby to remind us of what life is all about!

    I also appreciated your Valentine's segment:) 'Weathered love' now that's something to be glad of!

  2. that red chair! and those gorgeous roses!!! so pretty. and red feels warm :) looks like fun with those happy, beautiful littles!

  3. That paragraph about weathered love? Yes, yes, and yes again. We've weathered those storms through the years. It's worth the cost of pushing through. That cupcake bib for a sweet cupcake is adorable.

  4. Well, I do love your red chair. It is not so overwhelmingly LARGE as some leather chairs. Perfect for cupcake keeping!
    Your nieces are darling but I hate to tell you they will take a step down the ladder when new baby girl comes along! lol...they'll survive.
    Hubby and I, too, have weathered many storms over the years---some we thought insurmountable but we made it through- 40 years this year.
    I love that cupcake bib. My daughter is doing a cupcake birthday for baby Bright Eyes next month. I am going to have to that design.
    Have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

  5. Love the chair, love the bib, love the sweet sentiments and how you put it all together for this sweet post. And as Carly Simon sang in the 70's...."Anticipation, anticipay-yay-tion..." it won't be long now :)

  6. I once heard that the hardest wait, is Saturday.
    Jesus died on a Good Friday. We waited on Saturday for His triumphant, rising on Sunday.

    You are in your "Saturday" the waiting for your Sunday!
    We all have our Saturdays of waiting for something, never knowing when Sunday will come.

    You have a great seat to wait for Cupcake!

  7. Chairs like that are perfect for rocking and snuggling a baby! What a cozy and inviting fire. Ahhh. Great photos and fun that awaits.

  8. I LOVE the chair. And your sooo right. It's going to be just perfect for snuggling and rocking that baby. Excited for's almost time. The bib is adorable too!

  9. Those children are adorable and I know that baby is going to be extra precious. xo Laura

  10. Soon. That sweet baby will be here soon.

  11. Oh Dayle, what a precious post. How I loved the cupcake bibbie and the flute players! And , well, everything. I'm so psyched for all of you. Little cupcake will be one lucky little doll baby to have so many people to love her. Susan

  12. OMG how times flies while I seemingly have been squatting under a rock! Why, the last time I left you, y'all were enjoying the Gaiter Vocals. I always come away from your posts feeling this wonderful sense of relaxation ... of good will. The babies are adorable; it was nice to see Stan's big old grin in that video. Prayers for Gayle's healing!

  13. That recliner looks perfect for a rocking grandmother and her precious cupcake! Can't wait for the arrival!

    Cutest bib, yes!



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