Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On Changes and Choices

Dear friends, two days ago, wearing flip-flops and short sleeves, spring seemed imminent, but I know I can’t trust warm weather in February. Winters here are always a mixed bag and constant changes must be dealt with. I’ve thought about that and how life is much the same. Things change, often unexpectedly, requiring adjustments of both attitude and actions.

You’ve heard it said that our choices determine our destiny. That is true. It could also be said that the choices of others can have a lasting impact on our path and our future, as well. Just ask the child whose mother was killed by a drunk driver. Every day will find an empty chair at the dinner table, a mother lost, because of another person’s choice to drink and drive. Ask the mother of the child whose father decided that family life wasn't for him, so he waved goodbye and disappeared, off to do what is "best" for him, to do what makes him happy, not bothered by how his actions will impact others. The ones who've been abandoned grieve over their loss. And their heartache is entirely due to the choices of another person. The old saying that no man, no woman is an island is true.

Yesterday, as evening fell, the outside air cooled and collided with the warm air, fogging up the windows. I reached for a sweater and found myself craving a cup of tea. 

While the kettle gained steam, I set out the milk and honey. Later, I watched my daughter writing thank-you notes and felt an intense love for her and for the precious child she is carrying.

Whenever life brings hard changes to us, the best we can do is process them as we are able, strive to remain fully in the moment, not looking too far ahead, trust that God will bring good out of it all, and choose to embrace the blessings that will always abound.

As I write, the afternoon sun has made its way through the grays of morning, reminding me that change can be a friend. A stack of firewood sits beside the fireplace, ready to offer warmth as night deepens. A simple meal of chicken and rice and mushrooms is planned for supper. 

Later, I will put the kettle on and settle down with my crochet needle to work on the afghan that is coming along nicely. As I find that blissful crocheting rhythm, I will think of my grandchild, only days away from being born, and feel my heart preparing itself to be overwhelmed with a love like no other. And I will give thanks to God for His grace and for all that has been given to me.

Until next time, dear friends, thanks for your company and for sharing this quiet space of reflection with me.



  1. Your reflections are always beautiful and poetic. I know you can't wait to hold that baby.

  2. Changes cause us to reflect. Hopefully, like you, we see the tremendous blessing every single minute of life gives us. I'm excited for you as you await the arrival of your sweet granddaughter.

  3. Dayle, This post holds so much truth. How often in life our course is changed by the decisions others make that involve us through no fault of our own. It has happened to me several times and changed the course of the life I had planned. Some changes have taken me down dark paths I never wanted to walk-but the light at the end was worth the journey I was forced to take..

    There are no words anyone can say that will fully explain what you are going to feel for that new grandbaby. It is one of the most life altering things that will ever happen to you....and you will be so blessed you will wonder how you ever lived without the joy of that new light in your life. Trust me!

    Blessings to you, mama-to-be, and baby that is soon-to-be-born. xo Diana

  4. I'm one for wanting things to always stay the same. Change is hard for me, but you are right, it moves us to a new place, a new challenge, and new growth.
    Babies are good change. Not the diaper change part, but . . . you know.

  5. We can either fight change or open our arms.
    I have fought way to many changes and now except change, as a friend.

    Please keep us informed on the birth of your grand daughter!

  6. Thank you for this beautiful look into your home and heart. xo Laura

  7. This post really speaks so much to my own heart, Dayle. Having a grown child who has made many poor choices (and still is) which have affected the lives of my family, I can so relate to your words. It has been a long journey but coming to the realization that God is the One in control has stengthened my faith and given me peace even among the most desperate circumstances. Thank you for this. I know your heart must be about to burst with anticipation as you wait on your cupcake :)

  8. As the old saying goes, "No man is an island." All we control is how we respond, and sometimes it takes awhile to truly live in the moment. Hugs to you, dear sister.


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