Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Musings ~ As Time Goes By

Dear friends, as I write it is Sunday morning, barely daylight. Outside, skies stretch wide like a gray umbrella. Yesterday brought sunshine. Today, we may get wet again, as we have for the past few weeks. Despite the uncertainty of the day, the trees have budded out and the birds are in full motion, darting in and out of the red-tip bushes, preparing nests for the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, coffee has been made and I sit on the sofa watching my new granddaughter sleep, still in awe that she is here. I revel in her every breath, delight in her every expression. Did I mention the comforter she's laying on belonged to her mother? I've kept it 28 years for this very moment in time.

My niece and her family came last week. Sugar plum was impressed and took great pride in holding her new cousin. As we passed around the latest addition of the family, my niece recalled the early days of her daughter’s life. She said, “The first few weeks, it’s like time stands still.”

Yes, that is precisely how it feels, like a still-life painting. We wake and sleep. We eat as necessary. Everything else is barely there.

And in between our minimalistic existence, we watch this baby girl, fresh from heaven.

We stare at her, smell of her, study her chin and lips, and kiss her delicious cheeks.

On occasion, she opens her tiny eyes, not fully, but enough to peek out and maybe, just maybe, know we’re here, loving her and caring for her every need, our hearts overflowing, filling up with love and emptying out again and again.


Before I sign off, a funny thing happened this morning. After my daughter finished the night shift, it was just me and cupcake. I was playing the little music bear that one of Anna’s coworkers gave her. It plays the most gentle tones and plays religious songs, including “Jesus Loves Me,” and “Onward Christian Soldiers” (that kinda made me chuckle when I thought about it). I left cupcake asleep on the couch and went to fix me an egg. When I returned, I saw this:

Somebody was getting her Sunday praise on. She’s never held her arm in this position, and it stayed up until the music stopped ten minutes later. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. My darling cupcake, already making her memaw giggle.

Until next time, sweet friends, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments about my new granddaughter. I'm proud to be part of the Grand Club.



  1. Praise Jesus! Such a sweet cupcake! She's just beautiful, Dayle. This love is almost too much to bear, isn't it?

    (When we began homeschooling Rebekah wanted to sing Onward Christian Soldiers everyday after we said our pledge to the flag. I laugh every time I hear that song now.)

  2. she is beautiful...and i am so glad you have this still-life time to enjoy it all! sugar plum & cupcake are quite a pair!

  3. Oh...that's just too funny! And what sweet photos of everyone loving on those sweet cheeks!

  4. It's miraculous how our heart expands to hold this overwhelming love for our child's child!

  5. Wow, so cute. I can feel the happiness you are enjoying

  6. Oh my friend!
    She is beautiful...
    simply a gift fresh from Heaven indeed.
    I love what your niece said about those first few weeks!
    Time does indeed stand still...
    Nothing else outside of that little newborn world exists. Or even matters.
    I remember those days fondly.
    Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.
    They are fleeting.

  7. Isn't it just AWESOME, Dayle? Every little thing they do is so precious and dear and you are sure there has never been a sweeter, cuter, smarter baby in the world. lol
    She is just darling....beautiful.....and heaven-touched!
    God bless that new baby that has been entrusted to your care. God did good-very, very good! xo Diana

  8. Oh Dayle - the fun has just begun! She is so precious and beautiful. Loving her "praising the Lord". LOL


  9. Yes, she is straight from Heaven, beautiful, precious and I love the pictures too. I know you're enjoying every minute you're with her. Hugs an Love.

  10. Congratulations, Dayle! She's gorgeous :)

  11. Got quite a chuckle out of the final photo...darling. What else is darling are the cousins together. They are getting to be friends already.

  12. Yes, Congrats on joining the "Grand Club".....full steam ahead!!!!
    CupCake is Adorable!!! a gift from God!!!

  13. Loving every photo! Kiss that soft cheek for me!

  14. So precious!!!! She is just gorgeous!!!! and I do believe she may be practicing .. "Getting Her Praise On" !!!! lolol

  15. Haha! Isn't that so cute! I love it! She's just precious. xo


  16. Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter! She is beautiful.
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  17. She is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to you all. Enjoy every minute! Hugs!


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