Friday, April 24, 2015

Out and About with Cupcake

Cupcake is growing and changing with every single day. The joy of watching her is one that never gets old. As a grandmother, you know so much more than you did as a mother. You understand the brevity of these early days and months, days that go by in a flash, days that can never be recalled.

Last Friday, The Man and I took a stroll through the lovely arboretum that sits a skip and a hop away from our front door. We spent a lot of time parked in the shady spots. Lord willing, I will share this place with her as the years go by.

I especially enjoyed watching Papaw with cupcake. 

There's nothing like a sleeping baby to lift your spirits.

Until next time, sweet friends, thank you for keeping me company here. May your weekend be filled with all of the things that make you smile.



  1. Mm-mm! I could nibble on those precious cheeks! Nothing like a cupcake with cheeks such as those angels!

    Hugs and happy highways,

  2. Oh, she's just precious, Dayle. Hollis would tell her to stay away from me because I like to kiss his cheeks off. ;) I would have my face buried in those cheeks all day long.

  3. Oh she is just precious!!!!
    I am so happy you are enjoying her and the sweet sweet moments of those fleeting baby days!!!!

  4. Aren't grand babies one of God's most wonderful treasures in life's? Those precious little fat cheeks! Enjoy every second you have with that darling baby.


  5. Grands are great joy! How adorable she is and growing for sure!

  6. I can see how happy that little baby makes you! I'm so happy for you both.

  7. I remember those days of taking the little grands on is so much fun, isn't it? She certainly is growing but still looks very tiny tucked into Papaw's arm like that :)

  8. I think the cupcake name has proved to be perfect! Two sweet little cakes on those cheeks!

  9. She is just beautiful and I know that you are loving every joyful moment you spend with her. There is nothing like it in the world is there? And the first time she whispers your name (whatever she will call you) you will melt into a puddle on the floor....I promise! What a sweet little doll...and LOOK at those cheeks!!!! xo Diana

  10. The photos of Papaw are priceless.
    You can just see the joy in his heart.

  11. Oh how sweet she is!! Nothing like a grand baby to bring you joy! They grow soo fast! How blessed you are to be so near her. Claire will 3 months before we see her again....unless we decided to pop back over Memorial Day week-end...will see, lol.. Enjoy and cherish every minute with that precious little bundle!

  12. I love her cheeks!
    What a beautiful place to be able to "stroll" to and share a spot in the shade.

  13. What is it about a big ole' fella holding a wee baby that makes me go, "Awwww." Sweet!

  14. Oh Cupcake! You are precious!

    There is no other joy quite like being a grandmother, is there?

    Is it hot there?

    Today it is muggy and hot that's ok.It's spring!


    1. We reached 90° one day last week. Other days are milder but I know what's to come. :)


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