Friday, June 5, 2015

Scenes from a Blessed Life ~ The Gifts of May

June caught me by surprise, but time waits for no one; the first month of summer is here. Before I embrace it fully, I want to take a look back at some of May's blessings. I think it's important to pause in our busy lives and name the gifts that have been given to us.

Here are just a few gifts that the month of May brought to me:

An outing to watch our Astros play at Minute Maid Park is always a treat. The fact that they won on this night made it even better.

Cupcake met her Aunt Nette for the first time in May. They had an instant connection.

One weekend, while visiting with twin sister, I sat on the couch and watched the sun work it's magic through her living room. It had been a rainy week and the sight of it there was a balm to my spirit.

While celebrating a family birthday last week, I looked across the table and captured this fleeting moment in time.

Late one evening, after a particularly long day, we gathered around cupcake in her little swing and found joy in small things, which really are the big things.

Until next time, sweet friends, may the days of June find you well and filled. As always, thanks for keeping me company here.



  1. Isn't it wonderful to just stop and think of all of the things we have to be grateful for? So many things that we take for granted each and every day. That baby is just precious!!


  2. Oh my goodness, that little cupcake is a doll! Those moments with them are so special, aren't they. What a joy!

  3. What a beautiful May you have had....a blessed little baby and a sweet sister to share your life with. Some really wonderful moments of life. xo Diana

  4. It is very easy to see that it was a wonderful May and I am convinced that summer will be more joy in your new granddaughter. She sure is growing!

  5. A wonderful May gave way to a brand new month...
    I hope it will be just as beautiful, my friend.
    And that precious baby?!

  6. Yes you sure had some sweet moments...Cupcake is just adorable, and it's easy to see the joy she brings...keep on enjoying that!

  7. Oh my goodness...cupcake is just so precious and growing so fast! Your May was certainly filled with sweet blessings!

  8. The pink blanket looks so soft and cuddly! What a joyful and full month you had. Here's to even more joy in June!

  9. Beautiful photos, beautiful days, beautiful family. Cupcake - I want to squeeze those adorable chubby cheeks! Just precious.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Dayle. And for reminding me to look for the little blessings each day.


  10. Dayle, Arabella is just beautiful. Those little moments add up to big blessings. So glad you captured a few of them to share.

  11. Being a Grandparent...what can I say!
    The simplest joys bring us back to what is REALLY important.
    So happy for you and your sisters!

  12. sunshine, smiling faces & that pink hat make me smile!


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