Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Musings ~ The Weekend Report

On Friday afternoon, twin sister and I drove to our parents’ home, two hours away, just the two of us. Road trips together—big ones, small ones—always bring a certain pleasure for two people with identical DNA. We may go for miles and not talk. Other times, we may go for miles and not hush. Either way, we’re comfortable together. 

We’re not young women, but, in good times or bad, happy or sad, our hearts still carry the spark of our youth.

I was all set to blog about our blessed weekend, but twin sister beat me to it and her words are just as good as mine, so no need for me to repeat myself when you can hop on over to her gentle place and read all of the details, including Mother's plum cobbler.

The photos below are ones I captured of my dear old daddy, working hard to keep his property maintained. Even at 88, even after having suffered a major injury from a fall in 2012, he is still one of the strongest men I know.

You have to look closely to see him over against the fence with the weed-eater. This is only about one-fourth of his property and even though we've offered to pay to have it kept up, for now, he still enjoys the work. How blessed he is, as are we.

Every trip home reminds me of how rich I am, rich in all the things that matter.

As I write, Sunday is coming to a close, another day crossed off the calendar. I can hardly believe August is almost over. The weather continues to be hot, but this too shall pass, as it always does, and my yearning for that first cool snap will be answered in the sweet by and by.

Until next time, sweet friends, thanks for keeping me company here. May your week be filled with good things.



  1. Such a wonderful post to greet me this morning!
    Your father is amazing indeed!
    Have a cozy week...
    We are enjoying our last week of summer before we start back to homeschooling next Monday. : )

  2. You dad is amazing!
    Not only does he continue to make the yard look like a state park, but he is dressed so nicely doing it!!
    Give him a hug from me.

  3. I had to laugh, because we just bought a new weed-eater . . . for our son! What a "gift! " It's still in the box, but I'm going to show him the photo of your 88 year old Dad, working away, and see if it inspires his 16 year old self to get out and get busy!
    What a blessing to be able to see the beauty of life and joy in every-day activities!

  4. What a beautiful place your folks have! And so great that they can still maintain it. So glad you and your sister had a fun trip. When my two sisters and I get together, it is always so much fun and such non stop nonsense. I really treasure those times.

    Have a blessed week.


  5. Yes, I did read read Gayle's account yesterday...sounds like a wonderful road trip and a sweet time at home! Seeing your dad in these photos remind me of how much I miss mine...he was always outside doing or making something. Blessings on your week :)

  6. Sounds amazing, Dayle. As long as they are able and want to then let them work! My mother-in-law used to fuss at her mother all the time about mowing the lawn with a push mower and hoeing in the garden. But it kept her young and busy. (She would pull that lawn mower behind her when she got tired of pushing. ;))
    Love seeing elderly people continue to do things to keep them young.

  7. It was a lovely little road trip. :-)

  8. Beautiful photos, beautiful thoughts:) my favorite line this; 'We’re not young women, but, in good times or bad, happy or sad, our hearts still carry the spark of our youth.'

  9. Hi Dayle! What a fun photo of the two of you! I can't imagine what it must be like to have a make it look so fun. Your dad is AMAZING!! That sure is a lot of land he has, and he wants to take care of it all? My husband is way younger, and can't wait to stop mowing our little amount of grass!

    Your childhood home looks so fabulous! Quiet, nature, family. I know you had a wonderful time :)

  10. Wow! Your dad's lawn is beautiful! That takes a lot of work. I am impressed. Totally.

  11. How blessed you are to still have both of your parents still with you! And keeping up the big beautiful yard at his age, I am totally impressed! Sounds like another wonderful time to add to the memory books....Have a good week!

  12. Whatta weekend. And look at Dad. Wow. I'm so happy you still have your dad... and beautiful mom.

    Have a blessed week, Dayle, dear.

    *hugs* from St. Louis,
    Letters Unfolded

  13. Beautiful words and beautiful blog.

  14. For certain and sure.. you are extremely blessed~!!!! Mom's & Dad's place looks so peaceful and inviting!!! Thank you for sharing !!!

  15. I continue to be amazed at the recovery of your dad after his fall in 2012. I do believe faith has brought him this far. You are blessed.

  16. Hi Dayle - thanks so much for stopping by 'New England'!!! We are still very muggy up here. It's been a very hot summer so I've not sat out and enjoyed my hummingbirds or chipmunk and squirrel friends as much as in past years. While I am looking forward to a relief from the heat, I do missing the long daylight hours. And the past two nights the weathermen and women are telling us to expect an extremely harsh winter this year, although hopefully not as bad as last year.

    I loved seeing the photos of your dad. He reminds me so much of my dad who we lost four years ago. Dad always wanted to be busy. You and your sister are certainly a blessing to your mom and dad, as they are to you.

    Thank you, again, for visiting. It was lovely :)

  17. What a special time you had with your sister and family. I think it's awesome your dad is still doing yard work. My mom is nearly 87 and is not able now to do her own yard work and she misses it so much. I can barely keep up with our yard and hers and I've not quite reached 60 yet so I'd say your dad is amazing. What a lovely place they have.


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