Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dear October ~ I've Waited for You

All these months, I’ve waited for you. 
In the ruthless heat and humidity, patiently I waited.

I knew you’d come. 

And here you are, in all of your splendor, 
bringing golden days that can’t be spoken, 
nights so deep they touch the soul. 

I was born for October. 
It is you who knows me so well. 
You speak my language. 

Spring may have its worshipers, 
but none can match the seasoned beauty that is yours. 

Always and forever, magnificent October, my heart belongs to you. 
I will listen to all you have to say, embrace all you have to give.



  1. Oh, I absolutely agree. I love these beautiful words and photos that you have shared.

  2. Oh so beautiful. October is my favorite too. It's wonderful outside and such a relief from the heat.

  3. I love this! Aren't we glad that October has 31 days instead of 28 like February! :-) Happy October to you.

  4. me too! I think they should sell tee-shirts that say...I was born for October:)

  5. There is beauty in your words. I love your photos. Yes, Fall is my favorite too.

  6. I love October, and like you, have waited! Wishing you a beautiful October!

  7. Beautiful!! Even though we're due to have another heat wave in a couple of days, I have enjoyed the *crisp* in the air that comes with autumn. Your photos remind me of all I love in this changing season...


  8. I'm with you, Dayle. I LOVE October. Very nice post.Susan

  9. If I were October, I'd give you a big kiss!

  10. Have you ever heard (sure you have!) Barry Manilow's "October"? Welcome, October. You're stunning this year to me. I only get to see you when I'm on deputation. "Oh, how I hate to see October go."


    P.S. Correct, I'm no longer blogging. xo

    1. I've not heard Barry Manilow's "October." I'll have to look it up. I'm sorry to hear you're not blogging. I've been so remiss in my visits. I've considered giving it up myself. Life.

    2. Yes, Kelley. I was a huge Barry Manilow fan in high school. I remember "October" now that you mentioned it.

      P.S. What?! I'm so sad.

  11. There is such beauty in all seasons, but the chill after the summer heat and the colorful landscape makes October one of my favorite months, too.

  12. I'm a summer time girl at heart, but October can be lovely.

  13. Beautiful post, Dayle. I don't know how I missed this before. Autumn is my season, too. I love it! You put that love into words beautifully! xo Diana

  14. Just catching up on posts, Dayle. This is lovely. I adore fall, and you've captured its hues brilliantly in your photos and words!


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