Monday, October 12, 2015

When Strangers Move You ~ Abandoned Blogs Still Speak

Have you ever discovered a stranger's blog that moved you in some way? That's what happened over the weekend when I stumbled upon a blog entitled: "WONDERGIRL AND THE SIFT." (I don't know what that means.) As fate would have it, WONDERGIRL may have abandoned her blog, as her last post is from August, but the following two posts, from earlier in the year, were so powerful that they brought tears to my eyes.

In these posts, she writes about her brother, and the choices he has made, choices that have taken him from the people who love him the most. 

Her words reminded me again that no man is an island, that every choice we make has an effect on someone else, that all across this big world of ours are hurting people, grasping for a single ounce of hope, for a glimmer of light at the end of their dark tunnels.

But even in the midst of heartache and grief, brought on by her brother's choices, WONDERGIRL had this to say:

We weren’t okay, but we weren’t alone. Not for a moment of this hard and terrible thing. We were never alone. This didn’t kill us. The sorrow of our earthly troubles didn’t overcome Him. He didn’t take the pain away, but it did not extinguish His goodness and mercy and His work within us. What have we to fear, when He holds us so firmly in His Hand? He is truly master over all.

Until next time, dear friends, may your burdens be lighter, just knowing you're not alone, just knowing that God is still the "master over all." And may you never doubt the power of the written word, whether you have an audience of one, or one million.



  1. Thank-you so much for sharing these links and the hope they hold in spite of heartache!

  2. I sat here and read these two posts, I was thinking to myself "I could have written these posts"...except she can write better than me and the circumstances, although very similar in many ways, are a bit different. She was writing about her brother...I would be writing about my son. There is no heartbreak that compares when you are dealing with addictions of a loved one. I could relate to every part of this...especially the God part. He is the One that has kept our family from losing it all together. I especially relate to this part... "There were days that it weighed so heavily on me that I couldn’t breathe. Some days, I handled it okay. Some days, I handled it all wrong. But all the feeling… it didn’t stop the reality of what was happening. Every day was borrowed time– every phone call had the weight of horrible possibility. We knew it was coming, we just didn’t know what it would be." Thanks for sharing this, my friend.

  3. Thanks for sharing the blogs, twin sister. So sad and tragic, yet filled with hope in some way. I also related so well to them both, especially the part about not being okay, but not being alone.

  4. Hi Dayle! I read both of your links to Wondergirl, and they were very powerful. What made me a bit sadder was the lack of comments she had. I would wish for blog-friends who could hold her up at that time of complete vulnerability.
    Of course, she might have them, just not want to publish them too. There is so much shared on blogs, life and death, joys and sorrows...and all of them have so much dignity, and so much power to connect us. Thank you for sharing these. We seem to have written about the same subject...

  5. Oh- that just puts a lump in my throat. Yes- I have come across blogs that have been abandoned and wished they were continuing because they were so vital. I often wonder why they are abandoned with no word of good-bye--almost as if they didn't know they were leaving.....kind of sad.......xo Diana

  6. This is good stuff, Dayle. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Powerful! I always feel a little sad when I come across a discontinued blog. I often wonder if they felt their words weren't good enough or powerful enough to share. Glad you found hers!

  8. Yes, I have had the same experience. A blog post will be just exactly what I needed for that day, and it may have been written years before. God speaks to us in so many ways!

  9. mmmm I must remember those last words when I am tempted to be discouraged because I don't have thousands-even hundreds of Blog followers. I will remind ME of the 'faithful few' who read, leave a note or tell me in person how they appreciate what I have shared. Let's face it- All the hundreds of thousands of Pioneer Woman followers do not read and communicate with her regularly.She cannot even read all the comments left for her w her busy life. Even the wonder bloggers I "follow" I don't have enough time, enough days to check in with them every week. So there! [note to self] Get over it and stop whining..appreciate really special people you run across like Dayle" and share her link with others. "

  10. Oh, I hope WONDERGIRL happens to see this and realize the impact of her words.
    Your last sentence is so powerful; I will hold it close to my heart.


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