Saturday, December 19, 2015

These Days in December ~ Chasing the Sun

These days in December have found me chasing the path of the sun. 
A cozy quilt looks even cozier when bathed in sunlight.

A rainy day activity gets its day in the sun.

Red bowls await hot soups and stews.

My darling cupcake, exploring the potato and onion box, the sun touching her gently.

She wasn't sure what she'd discovered on the floor.

A sunlit image of my adorable daughter visiting Santa many years ago.

This little red piano was a Christmas gift to our daughter on her second Christmas, 1987. It's missing a black note, but has found a new player in recent weeks. 
The sun found it today.

Christmas time is here. 
Let the wrapping begin.


  1. A few days ago, I woke up before the sun and bundled up in an old quilt made by my great-grandmother. As I watched the sun come up and drank a hot cup of coffee, I thought nothing could be better. Love your collection of sunny moments.

  2. Lovely, the rays and beams of sun. We're forecasted full sun and 50 degrees on Christmas Day! In Jesus' name, let it be! Oh, how I miss the heat and the sun!


  3. Nothing prettier than the rays of sunshine.

  4. Lovely. Always.
    Have a wonderful week! : )

  5. Oh, Dayle. Love to see that sweet, darling little grandbaby. What an adorable baby! May your Christmas be very, very blessed. Susan

  6. Sunshine and warm memories all together here.

  7. I love sun kissed days. Merry Christmas,Dayle.

  8. Everything looks better bathed in sunlight, especially in cold grey days of December. Love the pics of your sweet cupcake following the sunlight on the floor. So precious!

  9. Don't you just feel so blessed on days like that? It truly is the simple joys in life that make our days complete. Merry Christmas!

  10. What a beautiful collection of photos and that little one is just darling as she chases the sun :)

  11. Beautiful sunlight images, Dayle...the makings for a sweet post! And speaking of wrapping, I just finished mine a few moments ago :) May you and your family have a most joyous Christmas.

  12. I loved what you do with these photos!! I also love when the light shines on various things in our house. This time of year, I love the beams as they illuminate our tree and ornaments.

    And then, of course, when the Son shines in your life...well, simply beautiful!!

    Merriest Christmas to you and yours, and GOD BLESS!


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