Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January's Blank Canvas

Dear friends, it is Tuesday as I write. The air has cooled down and I couldn’t be happier. I’m grateful I don’t live in the deep winter states; I’d never survive all the snow and ice and harsh temperatures, but here in my little woods, winters are mild and summers are extreme, so I embrace whatever cold we get with open arms.

Over the weekend, I finally mustered up the strength to dismantle Christmas and was happy I had put out less than usual. It seemed to come down with little effort.

January’s blank canvas always excites me. This year, I decided to keep a touch of winter in my décor, using winter berries, greens, pine cones, and branches here and there. I hope it isn't too Christmasy. 

It’s been said that winter is the time for enjoying the simple comforts of home. I say “Amen” to that.

Today, as I cared for my darling Arabella, we played hard and laughed hard. At one point, I studied her sweet image from a distance and felt my heart fill up with an array of emotions not easily defined. And it was in that moment—that fleeting moment—that I was reminded how blessed I am to have her near, to kiss her cheeks, to hear her chuckle, to feel her breath on my neck as she lays on my shoulder while I sing her to sleep. I’m learning more than ever to live in the moment, for this moment is all we have.

As I type these words, darkness has fallen. I can hear the little clock on my desk, ticking away the minutes, the tumble of clothes drying in the laundry room, the gentle sounds of my granddaughter as her mother rocks her to sleep. Here in my home, surrounded by the sounds of the night, I feel as if I’m hearing Father Time, marching steadily ahead into the new year, that blank canvas yet to be written upon. There will be obstacles that challenge us and blessings that humble us. We’ll be weak. We’ll be strong. Nothing stays the same, only the faithfulness of God.



  1. so inspiring. thank-you. your decor is so beautiful! it feels like home!

  2. I love the pictures you paint with your words, Dayle. And if red holly berries, evergreen branches and pine cones live outside all through the winter, why can't they live inside too, even after Christmas is gone? I see no reason why not...I think they create a lovely warmth to your home.

  3. So lovely, both in photos and in words.
    Your home is so cozy.
    Your heart so warm.
    Enjoy that sweet baby, my friend.
    And I am recently striving more to live in the moment as well.
    Have a cozy day....

  4. Beautiful words. I don't think the centerpiece is too Christmasy. It's good and wintry. And I don't take for granted the time I have with my grandchildren near. Such a sweet, sweet blessing.

  5. You are indeed blessed to have Arabella near but even more important she is blessed to have you near.

  6. Everything looks lovely. Not too Christmasy at all. You are SOOOO very blessed to have that grandbaby near you. HOW I would love that. I can see that you wisely cherish these moments! Blessings to you!

  7. What a beautifully written post - I felt as if I was right there with you, enjoy the peace of your lovely home! Your sweet granddaughter is gorgeous!

  8. Adding and lighting candles is such a cozy feeling.
    Of course when you have Arabella sitting there so peacefully, it lights up and warms everything.

  9. Beautiful words. Your home looks beautiful. Very nice winter touches!

  10. Definitely not too Christmasy! January calls for winter cheer given by greenery and berries and candlelight. What a pretty name your granddaughter has!

  11. I'm having a struggle with getting back into my blog routine-but a few of those I follow truly intrigue me...not so much impress but I am intriqued and drawn to and while I don't actually make NY resolutions any more I am encouraging self to regularly get back to soaking in specific writers you. Now if "self" will just cooperate b/c I need your kind of writing to perk me up and motivate and did I mention just "make me smile"

  12. I adore your winter decor. We are one of those states that gets slammed by winter, and I light candles, put on happy music, craft, decorate, read and try to pretend that it's not absolutely freezing cold outside ***giggle**. It only works so long, then as I head out for me walk, I remember just how entrenched winter is !

    Love your thoughts on the new year.

    Warm wishes..

  13. I think it's lovely to hold onto a wee bit of one's Christmas decor. I like what you've chosen to enjoy a little longer.
    Your wee granddaughter is a sugar plum! Adorable.

  14. Dayle, I just love your writing. It brings me right into the room with you. Arabella? What can I say? She is a little "earth angel." Truly I can see where she fills your heart to the brim (and over) with happiness. Susan

  15. I like getting everything clean and in order after the holidays but it does seem to leave things a little dull. I need to add some pretty flowers this week! Hugs, Diane


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