Monday, June 27, 2016

The Gifts and Griefs of June, and Birthdays Galore

Dear friends, I have been about to bust in the last few weeks, or "burst" as the more cultured folks might say. I cannot tell you more than that, but I can say that life can be oh, so hard, but it can also be oh, so sweet whenever there's a change in the air, the dawning of a new day, the taste of unexpected joy. Sometimes, it’s that lonely walk through the deep woods, when we have no idea what’s around the bend, that turns out to be an amazing journey. We become a better, stronger version of our former selves.

I know these words well, for I have lived them. Things I thought I could not face, or even scratch my way through, revealed more beauty at the end, and produced more strength, than I could have ever imagined. It is in the difficult journey that unlikely dreams come true. Lord willing, I will tell you more one day. In the meantime, how has June been treating you? Summer has certainly arrived in these parts. We are doing what we can to keep cool and carry on. 

June is always a busy month for us, as there are special days and special people to celebrate. Tomorrow, my beautiful daughter will celebrate her 30th birthday.

Earlier in the month, those who could gathered for a time of celebrating the birthday girl. There's something about food that tastes better when shared with family.

It's like I blinked and my baby was grown, and now .... she's 30. I've told her often that once you hit 30, your life goes by in a snap, and I do mean a snap. Here's wishing her a birthday as special and sweet as she is.


Another June birthday belongs to one of my grandnieces—the one I call pie. She turned three a few days ago and I can hardly believe it! I have written often of pie since her birth in 2013, but I'm sad to say that our family has not been permitted to see pie or her family since April of last year, for reasons unknown. This is the last picture I captured of her and her Nonnimy twin sisterreading together on April 25th of 2015.

My love for both my niece and my grandniece has always been and remains unconditional and forever. I will never forget the time I spent taking care of pie in the comforts of her home, while her mommy worked. What precious days they were. For now, I hold my memories close, and carry sweet images of them both in my heart.


As long as my dear old daddy is alive, he will be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. I don't always get to be with him on Father's Day, but I try to see him during that weekend whenever possible. This year, The Man and I, along with twin sister, drove over on Saturday and enjoyed his company. At the age of 89, each visit is cherished, for we never know what another year will bring, for any of us.

Can you believe our precious Julian turned 11 last week? Eleven!

He is the kindest, sweetest, smartest, coolest, most mannerly young man I know, and we couldn't be more proud to call him ours.


In other news, cue the violins: The girl has a new accessory. For months now, I've been having big issues with my right foot, even resorting to a wheelchair for awhile, so hard it was to walk. After three medical opinions, this attractive boot is part of my latest treatment plan, along with steroids, cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory meds. The good news is, the boot really helps, and I don't have to wear it every waking moment. The Man also says I look "cute" in it. Mmmm hmmmm. He's a keeper.

One day last week, Papaw and I took our precious Arabella down to Hermann Park for a ride on the little train, the same train her mother rode many moons ago. 

The weather was perfect, overcast, with a slight breeze, not hot at all. She was entranced.

Just as we completed our trip and stepped off the train, it came a downpour, as you can see from the picture. Thankfully, the gift shop was right there, so we didn't melt.

Here's Arabella's mother, on the same train, a lifetime ago.


Yesterday was a sweet Sunday morning at church with Arabella. She wore a little dress my mother made her and how adorable she looked in it. My mother is in her 80's and still sewing like a pro. I will treasure the little dresses she is making Arabella for as long as I live.

Well, dear friends, I think that about wraps it up for now. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Until next time, spend time with those you love, whether near or far. Life is fragile and uncertain.



  1. A lovely, heartfelt post celebrating life as it is...
    Full of joy, uncertainty, sorrow, fear, bliss, nostalgia...
    Thank you for sharing your heart.
    Prayers for you and all your intentions. : )

  2. Beautiful words, Dayle, and such sweet photos. That one of your daughter kissing her daddy on the train is a total charmer for sure. I hope that one is framed!!

    Arabella is an absolute doll. I know she is blessed beyond measure to have you as one of her grandmas.

    Happy birthday to your dear daughter. Yes, time flies, and our kids are grown before we know it...before we're ready for it. My daughter hit 26 in February, and my son will be 25 later this year. It seems like just yesterday they were babies, and now they're grown. How did that happen? I know you can relate.

    So sorry about the family estrangement. I have a similar thing going on with members of my family. They live far away, and though, I've called at least 10 times in the last year, they will not pick up my calls or return them. It hurts.

    Like you, we have seen the blessing of difficult roads. One of which was that my husband was unemployed for 25 months back in the early/mid 2000's. It was an incredibly difficult time, but it was one in which we saw God's hand much more than we ever had before.

    Sorry for such a long, rambling comment.

    Love and hugs,

  3. Great post Dayle. We definitely need to live each day fully and love those around us because we never know what is going to happen the next minute. Prayers for the things causing you worry and grief. Your little ones are precious.


  4. I agree with Billie Jo's comment - this post has certainly captured all the *shades of life* - the heartache and joy, the ups and downs. Your granddaughter is a treasure, just adorable. Happiest Birthday to your own daughter! My youngest will turn 30 in just a few short months, and yes, I cannot believe how fast the time has flown.

    I am so sorry to hear about your family estrangement. It seems like I hear about these kinds of situations all the time, which makes me very sad. I am currently embroiled in an extended family *thing* - and though we are still doing our best to hammer out the issues, it's a hard road. Prayers for healing.

    And speaking of healing, I hope your foot continues to heal and feel better. And I've got to agree, the boot is kinda cute...


  5. Life is a balancing act...there's no doubt about it. I'm glad that you are able to count your blessings among heartache. God is good...ALL the time.

  6. I saw you at Billie Jo's and thought I'd invite myself over to your place. I'm so sorry to read about your families estrangement, it breaks my heart - especially when Grandchildren are involved. I literally couldn't stand not seeing mine so I understand how you must feel. Love the picture of your sister and your dad together - my dad just turned 85. Life does go fast after 30 - It's exactly why I'm the age I am...time just went ZIP! My oldest son will be 30 in October, crazy huh? Thank you for sharing with us. Hope your foot heals quickly!!

  7. All of these are reason to smile, but my favs are the sepia-tone. Oh!, and The Man with your daughter in the train car.
    Lots of joy, but I'm still praying for sweet reconciliation.

  8. What a lovely post, Dayle. Oh, that Arabella is a heart-melter/stealer. Of course, her Mama was, too, at that age. What sweet photos, too. How nice you share them all with us. You are a blessed woman. Susan

  9. Oh, that boot is quite the fashion statement....hehe....oh well, if it helps, right? Your family is so lovely, and your little Arabella looks exactly like your daughter at that age - it's unnerving!

  10. Thank you for sharing all this happiness with us. Love the photos!

  11. With all the celebrations, I wondered what in the world could be a downer, but then I saw the dreaded "boot" du-du-duh . . . (dramatic "dread" music). Oh dear! I've had foot problems before and it's horrible. I fell in love with cortisone and promised to name any future children after the miracle shot. A boot is never good, but in hot weather, it's worse. I had laser treatments that worked, and even though I feel great now, I still remember the horrible discomfort. Blessings of healing to you and hope you continue to have much to celebrate!

  12. Please know that I always read your entire post even sometimes when I may be 'late for dinner'...I catch up and it's so easy to stay with you and finish whatever you are serving up. I suppose that would be something we would all wish to hear from our readers. I appreciate how you are open and still tasteful in the way you share sometimes difficult or private things. I usually aim for an honesty and transparency that allows for loved ones to read between the lines without sharing TMI.Wonderful collections of photos-


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