Friday, September 16, 2016

The Joys of Listening : Do You Hear What I Hear?

I live in a large metropolis area—big, bustling, loud. It’s not my dream location, so I have to make it work for me. One way I do that is to occasionally drive a few miles down the road and visit a tranquil garden, open to the public without charge. It is here that I come when I need to be quiet, to simply sit and listen.

Life seems to be gentler whenever I turn off the noise and just listen.

I hear soothing, healing sounds.

The trickle of a water fountain.

The melodious song of a bird.

The music of a wind-chime.

The crunch of gravel as people pass by.

Whenever I listen, I hear a gentle wind whispering through leaves.

The scampering of a squirrel up the trunk of a tree.

The voice of God.

Oh, the joys that await us whenever we listen.

Joining Kate for five-minute Friday, where today's prompt is: listen.


  1. I often hum in favorite rooms of my home... Continue to enjoy your blog, thank you for touching my soul with your writing & pictures of gentle places.

  2. Good Afternoon Dayle, I could not imagine a more tranquil place as the one you have described. You have shown that even within a busy area we can find transquility. My garden is small, but I love it. On warm sunny days, I sit in my garden, with my feet up on a stool, I close my eyes and I just listen and as you say if we each take the time to stop and listen, we will hear such wonderful things.
    Best Wishes to you.

  3. What a great idea to go and visit a public garden for some quiet time,
    Our backyard is nice but it's not like a park or garden. The quiet there will be sweet!

  4. This is exactly what I live for when I sit on my swing at the end of a very busy, noisy day! It's the quiet that revives me, that brings me the peace and tranquility I need to end my day on just the right note! Last night after a busy day, and a dinner party, and the big clean up afterwards....I sat on my swing for just ten minutes or so and it completely calmed me. I slept like a baby!

  5. The part I secretly like about having the power knocked out during a storm is the sudden quietness of the house. What a great reminder you've given me, and a good point to use our public gardens as an escape!

  6. How lovely! I must admit, where I live I am far, far away from anything considered metropolis or urban. It's very quiet. There are times when the solitude makes me feel lonely, but most of the time, I appreciate the silence.

    Be still and know I am God.

    Yes, Lord, I understand...


  7. Visiting a tranquil garden is such a lovely thing to do ♥

  8. Taking the time to listen has always been a struggle for me. Nowadays I seem to seek out those quiet spots and drink in the silence. This is just lovely, Dayle.


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