Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September is History : October has Arrived

And so it is October, the month that has my heart, when sunlight slants across the lawn and streams through windows, like open arms waiting to warm you. It is the month when everything changes, when quilts are laid on couches and placed at the end of the beds, when the smell of soups and chili and the occasional apple pie wafts through the house, just as autumn should be. 

For the first time, October sneaked up on me. Then again, it was a September like no other. I do hate to be a lady of mystery, but all I can say is September was one for the record books. There were hard places, but in the midst of it all, there were soft places to land and more than a few treasures to discover in each day.

On a sweet Sunday morning in September, Arabella wore one of the dresses her Aunt Gayle bought her for her birthday. Pure princess, isn't she?

No special occasion, but a very special cupcake. 
Too cute for words.

While waiting at a traffic light one afternoon, I looked over and saw a white cloud peering over the trees. I loved it so much I rolled the window down and captured the moment.

During one particularly stressful night in September, with enough worry to fill an ocean, I saw this on a wall and smiled. The first two lines said it all.

Sometimes, you just have to make time for an afternoon of bubbles.

When did she get so big?

 Me and the twin on a momentous Sunday in September.

Whenever I see her playing in the little car that first belonged to her mommy ... 

... or sitting in her mommy's little chair, 
my heart can hardly hold it all in. 

Only a grandparent can understand.

Until next time, sweet friends, thanks for keeping me company here in this simple space. I hope you're planning, as I am, to enjoy October’s embrace, to cherish all of the golden days that will follow, days that belong to autumn.


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  1. Such a rich post! Be well. thank-you for this:Pray big, worry small. seems we all need that reminder. And your granddaughter is as you said, too cute for words!

  2. I know you must think time has rewound and you're looking at your sweet daughter again every time you look at Arabella's cute little face! She's just precious. Love that grin! And yes, we have that same cozy coupe that my grands play in all the time. My heart just skips when I see those sweet memory makers being played with by my grandchildren. Hugs. Happy October.

  3. Oh, that sweet Arabella, she's truly a princess all the time, isn't she? And I sure could use a day of bubbles right about now....maybe with some wine! :)

  4. Oh yes! It is finally feeling like October in my neck of the woods...YAY! Well it does sound like you had a difficult September but I really love the words on that lovely little sign...great words to live by but it's not easy is it? Oh my goodness, that darling Arabella...I don't know when I've ever seen a little one looking so much like her mama...deja vu...all over again :)

  5. What a beautiful head of hair has Miss Bella! Soooo pretty in her Sunday dress, but that next one in shorts and dimples stole my heart.

    That burlap quote is definitely something to cling to.

  6. Oh, that sweet Arabella! She grows more precious to you, it's obvious, with each passing season, and more adorable, too! It is so neat that she can now use the things her Mommy used to your mother's heart must go back and relive the moments! The years, they pass way too quickly, and each moment is so worthy of us taking the time to slow down and relish it with fondness and intentionality. I LOVE the plaque you says it all.

  7. Pure princess indeed!
    This grandma does understand . . .

  8. Arabella gets more adorable every day! She is so precious trying to catch that bubble. She's like a little princess in that yellow dress. And her smile in that flowered-shirt photo is infectious. And those dimples! What daily joy she brings to your life.


  9. Beautiful photos! Happy October ♥

  10. Justa a note to let you know you are so unique that I often take note of what you have to share...even when I'm not in a reading, writing and posting frame of mind..S.P.E.C.I.A.L

  11. Thank you for September, dear twin. I loved the pics of your precious grand, my precious puddin' pie. Tears slipped down my face before I knew what was happening...for so many reasons.

  12. This lifted my spirits!
    Arabella, aka Cupcake, is too sweet for words. Will you kiss those adorable cheeks for me!

  13. Beautiful, Dayle. Your post reminds me that life is such a mixed thing - full of great joy and deep sorrow. Days and nights of toilsome worry, and yet, so full of memories and moments that fill the heart to overflowing. In it all, the Lord holds on to us...

    Cupcake has the cutest squeezable cheeks...just sayin'!!


  14. You and your twin are so cute, and oh my; what a precious little doll your grand is! I think God graces us with moments of beauty and little signs that help us through rough times. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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