Thursday, January 5, 2017

Editing ~ The Attic and Other Things

Dear friends, since the new year began, I have been in the process of editing—not editing with pen and paper as you might assume, but editing my life and the things therein. 

I started by editing my blog reading list, something that requires tedious time, but it felt good to go from following 367 blogs to a mere 66. Admittedly, I don’t read these 66 blogs faithfully, but I wanted to keep them for now. What I discovered, as I went through the list, is that probably 85% of the blogs I followed are no longer active, a fact I found a bit sad but I get it. I really do. As you may remember, I’ve been in the valley of decision myself, whether to go on blogging or just go

My twin sister has decided to do the latter and penned a goodbye post recently. I’m still not sure if I will join her in the land of GONE, but if I ever do I promise to write a note and give you a forwarding address, so to speak.

Another thing I editeddon’t faint—was a portion of the attic, that big black hole that has been the home of my treasures for the past 27 years. 

I must tell you that I was not brave enough to tackle all that is up there, but as I pored over the contents of the few tubs and boxes I’d carried down, I was surprised to find myself less attached to my stuff than in recent attempts to pare down. 

Some things were saved and will be recycled by my granddaughter—clothes, toys, at least one pair of shoes—while other things were pitched to the curb, unable to salvage on any level. And I’m OK with it. I was quite proud of myself. There is more to sort through, but I am confident I have the fortitude to do it.

As I said goodbye to things I’d held onto for so many years, instead of feeling despondent, I felt a newness, a stretching inside, an opening of my hands. Sometimes it’s necessary to edit. I have a ways to go, but the first step is often the hardest. Wish me luck.



  1. Oh Dayle! You are walking the same path I am on. I do not have an attic but I have a basement that was stuffed to the seams. I spent a large part of the time John was in treatment purging, sorting, sifting. I am like you- things that I thought I would NEVER part with did not give me a moment's pause as I put them in the donate spot. It felt good---so very, very good. I do have some things that I will sell as they are too good to toss but, other than that, I have been freed from some of my 'collecting' years. Good for you, girlie!!!

    I did not even realize your sister had a blog--and to think I have missed it all these years. I hope that you continue to post even if it is just here and there. I want to watch that grandgirl grow and change. She is just the cutest little thing and I adore her from afar.

    Happy and blessed Thursday to you- xo Diana

  2. I have gathered to storage tubs of "stuff" to sell or donate to the Salvation Army. I've resolved to not darken the doors of Goodwill, to stay away from yard sales and to purchase nothing for decorating this house. It has more than enough decorations! If it means nothing to me, it's going. If it's sentimental, I cannot force myself to let go. I wonder if the people who gave me some of the sentimental gifts even remember doing so. Guess that doesn't matter. I remember and it matters to me.

    I was sad to see Gayle leave her blog and will be sad to see you go if you decided to do so. Both of you are dear to me and I loved reading your blogs. Maybe you'll decide to stay! Much love to you dear sister/friend.

  3. I soo relate to this post. I did a great deal of this before we moved into this home 5 and half years ago, but it is time again. I ALSO struggle with the whole blog thing. But I keep coming back to it as it is sooooooo nice to read back on it and remember for whence we came, plus just keeping track on what we did for certain holidays etc. Maybe someday...but for now I like have the record of it all. I've lost the majority of my readers. Some like you to just the fact they are no longer blogging, and I rarely pick up new people I follow either. But those I do, most I am very attached to. Have a good week!

  4. I agree, purging is a great feeling! Gosh, you pack so neatly.
    Next, I am going to tackle my Reading List! I was hoping some of the ones who disappeared, would show up again. I blog as a scrap book. I find that it's not so much pressure to "preform". My grandchildren are now reading it!

  5. You are my hero! I wish I could let go of more stuff. I think I've done better over the last year or so, but so much more needs to be pared down. I hope you hang around! But you know that.

  6. I've been doing a lot of "editing" in my life as well. Just seems the time of year to do it.

  7. Oh I do. Editing these kinds of treasures is a real challenge. You did well.

  8. Hi Dayle. Oh, I understand about the editing too - blogwise and lifewise! It's amazing how we can accumulate so many things. I know what you mean about blogland - it's just not like it used to be and folks are sometimes just gone! You do what you must but I can always enjoy seeing you on FB. Happy New Year and thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. The one time I threw out things I'd held on to for years . . . I needed the next week! Hahaha! True, but unlikely for most. I have a storage area I've been working on for the past year and it is truly a walk down memory lane, but the memories are the good part. Not the stuff. Good for you, and happy new year!

  10. It really is liberating when we can let go of "stuff," isn't it? I'm kind of in the same place. My kids are both out of the house, and my husband and I want to downsize. Even though we've only been in this house 11 years, we have accumulated so much, and it's time to let a lot of it go. I'm finding it easy to let go of the "material" things. Harder to let go of are the things my kids gave me or made for me. I need to remember that even if I get rid of the things, I'm not getting rid of the relationship.

    I'm back and forth on blogging too. Since starting blogging back in 2006, I've stopped and started several times. I just returned after a 2-month absence, but I'm not sure I will continue. There are just so many other things I can do when I'm not on the internet regularly.

    Have a lovely day,


  11. Oh, dear friend! How I can FEEL what you are going through...literally. As you probably know, we started our minimizing journey a couple of years ago, but really got in earnest about it in 2015. The attic was one of the first places we cleared out, too. We have now downsized from a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home, with a huge, oversized 2 car garage to a 10x20 storage unit. We are going through the storage unit, literally piece by piece by piece, trying to figure out what to keep and what to let go of. I wish I had kept a running count of the items we have let go. It is SO liberating! But, after you get through what I call the superficial layers (attic, garage, etc.), you work through the layers that are a little harder, then you reach the parts that are SO hard. That is where we are right now. I sat and cried the other is so overwhelming, and the sentimental things are the hardest for me. But, each time we reach a new layer, there is new grace for the journey. The thing is, I have only regretted one thing that we have let go of so far. We even went back to the thrift store where we donated it several weeks later, but it was gone. God comforted me with the thought that the other person needed it more than we do. I LOVE reading posts like this one. It just feels SO good to be on this journey of letting go and coming more in alignment with Jesus and the simple, eternity-focused life He lived. So thankful for you and the many prayers you are praying for my dear niece. You have been a huge comfort to me through this.

    1. I admire those who can, but I'm certain I'll never get to a "minimalist" status, still it does feel good letting go of things that have outlived their time. I still hang on to some things, but the time will surely come when I let them go, as well.

  12. Editing your life - I've been doing some of that too, paring down, giving things away we simply don't need anymore - keeping only the things that hold fun or sweet memories. He makes everything new. Happy New Year Dayle. Hope it's packed with only amazing things.

  13. I am so sporadic in the blog sphere and only post occasionally now. It used to be my life, my way to connect with others and when I do come back and read, it brings back all that old joy. SO I can't let go yet either.


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