Monday, January 23, 2017

The Closest Thing to Heaven is a Child

Last Tuesday night, after the rest of the household were in bed, I sat in the living room doing nothing important, just savoring the day and enjoying the quiet.

In a few minutes, through the baby monitor, I heard a tiny voice calling out, “Memaw.”

My daughter hadn’t been in bed long. I knew she wasn't asleep, but she’d had a long day at work and had only an hour or so earlier just returned from a draining after-work event. Still, she's the mom and she handles evening issues, so I stayed put on the couch. Meanwhile, the little voice called again, “Memaw.”

After awhile, I texted Anna: “Want me to get her?” to which she responded, “She’s calling u 😊”

With that go-ahead, I went and scooped up my darling granddaughter, along with her favorite baby quilt and her beloved stuffed lamb, Ba-Ba, and carried the lot of them to the rocking chair. In the darkness, we sat and snuggled for the longest time, neither one of us saying a word, just the squeak of the rocker breaking the silence, her head nestled against my neck.

When you’re a grandmother, you notice every single adorable thing about your grandchildren, which is why I couldn’t stop staring at the two little feet sticking out from under the quilt, and one tiny hand clasped gently around my wrist. 

As we rocked, I breathed in the richness of the moment, just the two of us holding onto each other, feeling the love, and making a memory for me to cherish always.

Had someone appeared holding one-million dollars, ten-million dollars, and said, “Here, you can have this money, but you have to leave this moment,” I would have waved them off without any hesitation.

I imagine you feel as I do, that no amount of money can buy such moments, that they are priceless, and that whenever they come to us, we should be careful to not let them slip by as ordinary, for we don’t know if they will ever come again.



  1. I'm only beginning to understand the breathtaking beauty of Gramma-hood and I love it! Amen to the title! (and the whole thing...such rich imagery!)

  2. I understand the feeling completely.

  3. What a sweet and precious memory you have shared here. Makes me long for the day when I am a grandma myself.


  4. My heart stopped when you wrote, "leave this moment". There have been so many times when I DIDN'T want to leave that moment.
    You captured true feelings and love.

  5. Whew. That brought a few tears. I know the feeling so well. I spent so many priceless moments in the rocker, holding my grandchild, singing softly as she slowly fell asleep on my shoulder. If memories could be sold, no amount of money could buy those.

  6. You nailed the feeling, Dayle. I don't think that you can ever understand it until you are a grandparent yourself and have the physical and emotional response to that child. God bless you and that precious little cupcake. xo Diana

  7. Oh my.
    This is beautiful.
    Such wonderful words to convey such lovely feelings. : )

  8. Oh, my! This is just precious! I agree wholeheartedly with you that to leave the preciousness of that moment would not have been an option. Children are just so dear and innocent and such a blessing to our lives. Mom always told me that sometimes the only Heaven she could find was in the smile of a child...something along that line. I miss being around babies, since our dear boy is now 16. But, I am enjoying this stage, also, and the amazing heart to heart talks we share. Every stage of their lives is so precious. I am so thankful you have your precious family near to you and within reach, not only of your heart, but your arms, too. God bless you, dear friend. ;)

  9. I smiled through every word of this post, knowing exactly how you felt. Just precious, isn't it?

  10. So precious. Thank you for sharing. <3

  11. Beautiful!!! You got it so right on - the time holding your granddaughter is worth more than any amount of money. So glad you have her and she has you.

  12. Hello, This was just so precious!! I will say that I felt like crying, because the world no longer values the hearts of the children or their worth! You have a lively blog and a wonderful way of writing and viewing life!
    Blessings, Roxy

  13. Sweetness times 100 in this post. Lucky, lucky us . . . .

  14. I look forward to the day when Lord willing I am a grandmother myself. I know from my experience as a mom how very precious those moments are. You beautifully captured it here.


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