Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to Stay Married for 37 Years ~ Happy Anniversary to Us

How to Stay Married for 37 Years

1. Cherish each other in the best of times.
2. Forgive each other in the worst of times.
3. Never give up.



  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Such lovely photos of a beautiful couple!

  2. Never, ever give up ... yes! Happiest Anniversary blessings!

  3. Congratulations on your 37th.

    Love, hugs & much continued happiness with each other ~ FlowerLady

  4. How wonderful! Congratulations and wishes for many more.

  5. Great advice, from a trusted and wise couple!

  6. Happy anniversary to you! You are even more beautiful, and the man more handsome! Love your advice! Wishing you many more years of loving and living.

  7. Happy anniversary to both of you! Wise "how to" words. Your faces both show the continuing love that came from following them. And both of the dresses above are beautiful, Dayle!

  8. A very Happy Anniversary week to you! 👰🏻

  9. Happy anniversary! Beautiful photos!!

    Gary and I are a few years behind you---31. What I have learned (and what has become my favorite quote about marriage) is that "the love doesn't sustain the promise; the promise sustains the love."

    Marriage is not always a bed of roses, and many times, it would be easy to just walk away. But the promise we made to each other and to God has seen us through.



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