Meet Dayle

I recognize God as the source of all things. I can do all things through Christ, and I can do nothing without Him. Above all, I'm undeserving of His great mercy and favor. 

In 1986, as an exhausted new mother getting a mere three hours of sleep at night, I had a crazy idea: I would be a writer. Not just a writer, mind you, but one who got paid to write. Silly me. With nothing more than a notion and a cranky typewriter, I entered a little contest and nearly passed out when I won first place, and received a modest check for my efforts.

What started with a bang, however, soon fizzled. I quickly learned that the road to publication is lined with a zillion rejection letters, and just as many reasons to give up. 

But I hung in there, and God blessed my efforts.

Since 1987, my work has appeared in a number of publications, including Nashville's The Tennessean, The Dallas Morning News (where I was a special contributor from 1999-2008), Houston Chronicle, Beaumont Enterprise, Focus on the Family, Mississippi Magazine, Southern Families, Houston Woman, Guideposts, King Features Syndicate, The Appeal-Democrat, Moody Magazine, Mature Years, Living With Teenagers, HomeLife, Christianity Today, Christian Educator, Upper Room, The Lookout, Signs of the Times, Vital Christianity, Virtue, Catholic Digest, Standard, Power for Living, Christian Home and School, and Today’s Christian Woman. 

In 2012, I was honored and humbled to receive an Amy Writing Award for my work in the Beaumont Enterprise, and in 2001 for my work in The Dallas Morning News.

I am the author of three books and contributor to a host of other works, including A Family Christmas, by Dr. James Dobson, The Gardener's Bedside Reader, (Kari Cornell, Voyaguer Press), and more than a dozen Chicken Soup titles. 

I'm pleased to have served as part of the adjunct faculty of Lone Star College in Houston, Texas, teaching creative writing, and what a privilege to be a charter member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).


When people ask why I write, I have to say it's for people like Joe. In December of 2005, I received an email with the subject line, “a note of gratitude.” The email came from a man named Joe. Four years earlier, Joe had read an editorial I’d written and wanted me to know how it affected his life. This is what Joe wrote to me, and I’ll never forget what a profound impact his words had on me:

Ms Shockley, you wrote a small article in The Dallas Morning News “FAITH COMFORTING IN TROUBLING TIMES” a short time after 9-11. I was so impressed with it I cut it out and placed it in my billfold. Two years ago my wife kicked me out because of my drinking. Later that night agonizing over the loss of my family I came across your article in my billfold. After reading it, a renewed hope began to build up in me. I knew God was going to see me thru. Today, my marriage has been restored and I belong to a Christian based 12 steps called 'CELEBRATE RECOVERY.' Ms Shockley I shall forever be grateful for your article because I felt the Presence of God.  


Quite frankly, Joe turned my world upside down. When I read his sincere words, I was overcome with emotion and wept. To imagine this dear man carrying around my article in his wallet for years was humbling and inconceivable. I simply could not believe it. 

I’m forever grateful that Joe took time to send me that email. He made me realize, all over again, why I write. I don't write for the masses, or to be recognized and put on a pedestal in the publishing industry. I write to encourage, to motivate, to offer a glimmer of hope when all seems lost, and to maybe—just maybe—make a difference in somebody’s world.


On a personal note, I was raised in a minister's home, by godly parents who have always loved me unconditionally. They were, and are, a true example of Christ's love for us. It was this kind of love that steered me in the paths of righteousness, and at the age of 13, I was born again, as written about in the Book of Acts. It was a life-changing experience, and it is why, no matter what dark and heavy trial I may be going through, there is a deep and unspeakable joy at my very core. It is the one thing I possess that nobody can take from me.

On a lighter note, fall is my favorite season. I love the ocean, a rainy night, and all things in the sky. I can't imagine a world without music. I love listening to it, or playing and singing. I enjoy reading, gardening, cooking, needlework, and capturing life through the lens of a camera.

I've been married since 1980 to the same incredible man who loves me, warts and all. We have one amazing daughter (married), whom we adore, and an awesome extended family.

In 2008, my husband (aka The Man; sometimes referred to as The Captain) retired as a captain from the Houston Fire Department, after a 34-year career.

Since retiring, we have been blessed to have traveled many miles across the country in an RV we fondly named Cloud Nine, witnessing God's handiwork.

One of The Man's dreams, post-retirement, was to visit all of the Major League Baseball parks (baseball player/fan that he was/is) that were yet not visited. We are well on our way to completing this dream, and what a joy it has been to do it together. We thank God for His favor and never take it for granted.

In 2015, our daughter had her first child. Arabella brings so much joy to our lives and to our home.